NVIDIA AI Research Shows the Future of Removing Grain and Watermarks from Photos

nvidia ai noise reduction software

Removing grain is a key feature photographers use in programs like Lightroom or Capture One. The ability to reduce noise and grain still has a long way to go, but research from NVIDIA shows just how far deep learning based technology is coming.

NVIDIA AI removes grain and watermarks from photos

In the beginning of the video NVIDIA explains that their technology can learn image restoration without clean data and can enhance grainy photos through AI. Without ever seeing what a noise-free image looks like, this AI can remove artifacts, noise, grain, and automatically enhance photos.

The training network can accelerate de-noising to minutes instead of days using data generated on the fly. The team of researchers from NVIDIA, Aalto, and MIT used NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs with a deep learning framework to train their AI system using 50,000 sample images.

NVIDIA AI Noise reduction details

The work was developed by researchers from NVIDIA, Aalto University, and MIT, and is being presented at the International Conference on Machine Learning in Stockholm, Sweden this week.

nvidia ai noise reduction software

Potential Use Cases for NVIDIA noise reduction AI

nvidia ai for mris and medical uses

There are a number of potential ways this AI can be used to aid in various industries.

  • Medical

  • Astronomical Imaging

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Low-light Photography (various industries)

Read more about the research at NVIDIA on their developer blog.

The team will present their work in an oral presentation and a poster at the ICML conference. If you’re in Stockholm, Sweden for the conference, you can meet the team on Thursday, July 12 at the Supervised Learning oral session (2:20 pm) and 6:15 pm poster session.

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    This kind of editing seems to be really impressive one. Software editing upgrade makes it more sophisticated using AI. In my opinion, in a couple of years we’ll get more intelligent tech with individual approach to any task.

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