The Best Project Management Tools for Marketing Departments

Few marketing departments will get much done without proper project management tools! A team with the right tools is able to plan, analyze, adapt, and execute with ease. Marketing teams have to handle ad campaigns, email campaigns, social media, and many other tasks. How do you even start to organize them all? Here are some of the best project management tools that marketing teams should look at to make the whole department run smoother!


Trello is one of the most basic project management tools on this list. But basic doesn’t always mean that it’s bad. In Trello, you can create tasks on “cards” that live on “boards” within lists. Imagine you take a whiteboard, draw a few columns for different categories, then start putting sticky notes with tasks written on them onto the board. That is essentially what Trello is! You can add due dates and tag other team members in the comments of tasks, along with checklists and some labeling. That is where the features end, as there is no reporting or time tracking. With all of this in mind, Trello is ideal for small teams and individuals, however it lacks the features that a large and diverse team might need. Trello is free to use even for teams, but paid plans can add further integrations with other apps.

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Asana is a very flexible project management tool that is great for larger teams that need a lot of collaboration. It’s easy to create large lists of tasks, assign them to specific team members, and set due dates. However, a lot of the power of Asana comes from its integrations with additional apps. This is what makes it ideal for marketing teams at large companies, because it is the most worthwhile when you’re paying for and using additional tools. Another downside is that it may not be flexible enough for some teams. However, this also means that it does what it does extremely well. If you like collaboration with large teams and an easy way to manage a large number of tasks within projects, then Asana is the tool for you. Asana is free for small teams, but offers additional paid plans that offer more features including automation.

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Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is part of the large Zoho suite of products. This tool in particular lets your team keep track of tasks and collaborate on them. There are a few useful tools that other options lack such as Gantt charts and built-in billing by project. If you’d like to use other Zoho products like their CRM tool, you can leverage the native power of the apps all working together. If you only plan on using Zoho Projects, the pricing is reasonable considering the included features. You can use it for free for 3 team members and 2 projects. Their most popular paid plan costs $5 per user per month with unlimited projects.

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Monday is all about being visual. Not only is the interface visually appealing and clean, but it also includes project visualization tools for those who absorb visuals better than words. The tool is both flexible and simple, striking a balance that makes it a very popular choice. No matter how you prefer to view your projects, Monday probably offers a way that suits you. In addition to creating projects and their tasks, you can get more flexible and create tables or other ways of displaying information. There are no free plans for Monday, and pricing goes from $8-16 per user per month depending on which plan you choose. Higher plans offer additional; automation, integrations, and time tracking.

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HubSpot is a popular marketing tool for marketing teams everywhere, for its powerful email automation and CRM tools. However, it also features project management tools. And if you were already considering using HubSpot for other marketing tasks, using their project management tools is a no-brainer. The tool really shines when used in conjunction with other HubSpot tools, as you’ll have easy access to emails and files from elsewhere in the system. It offers a straightforward to-do list style task list that lets you assign tasks and set due dates. HubSpot is a full marketing package so the project management aspect cannot be purchased alone. The starter plan begins at $45/month and the professional plan starts at $800/month. Keep in mind that this includes tools for blogging, landing pages, email, forms, CRM, and so much more.

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Wrike is a project management tool with customization in mind. It includes a lot of advanced features that enable teams to manage any kind of project with ease. This might not be for everyone though. If you want something simple that can be set up quickly, Wrike may not be for your team. Overall, it has good collaborative tools, Gantt charts, automation, and time tracking. With software this robust, it’s more ideal for the entire workplace to be using it, not just the marketing department. Wrike offers a free plan that can work for small teams, and their paid plans give many more features for $9.80 – $24.80 per user per month.

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