19 Best Premiere Pro Tutorials for Beginners

19 Best Premiere Pro Tutorials for Beginners

If you’re looking to get started in Premiere Pro, then you’re in luck! It is the most-used video editor in the industry so there are a plethora of tutorials to watch. We have gathered 19 of the best Premiere Pro tutorials out there, which cover the basics as well as dive into a few more advanced features! Cover image photo credit: starc starc

Premiere Pro Tutorials for Beginners

1. Learn the Basics in 17 Minutes

If you literally just installed Premiere Pro and the whole thing looks a little intimidating, this quick but comprehensive tutorial will put you at ease. It will guide you through the process of starting a new project, as well as all of the basic functions of the software. Once you’re done watching this, you should be able to edit a video with various clips, audio tracks, and transitions!

2. Learn the Basics in 20 Minutes

17 minutes too short for you? Try 20 minutes! This is another great beginners guide for brand new Premiere Pro users. This is an easy-to-follow guide that will teach you how to start a new project and be able to cut a simple video. It opens the door to a lot of concepts that you’ll probably want to take a deeper dive into later.

3. Learn Everything about Premiere Pro!

Clocking in at nearly 5 hours long, this is a truly comprehensive guide to Premiere Pro! After you’re done watching those “learn Premiere in under 20 minutes” videos, give this one a try. You can dive into almost every feature imaginable, to a decent level of depth. Also, the description on YouTube features a table of contents so you can jump around to different timestamps. Just in case you don’t quite need every lesson.

4. The Most Advanced Tutorial (for intermediate users)!

This is another super-long tutorial, but don’t think of it as a long one. As the narrator states, it’s actually very short, because he condenses 4 years of editing experience into just 4 hours. Even though this is an article about Premiere Pro tutorials for beginners, it seems worthwhile to mention this more advanced tutorial. If these simple tutorials are too simple for you, then this one will dive deeply into everything you need to know to take your editing game to the next level. This editor is the editor for major YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, so you know that he has had a successful career so far!

5. Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

While this is another super basic tutorial, it is essential if you’re moving to Premiere from another editor, or are brand new to editing. Instead of just saying what everything does, this lesson is taught through the process of editing an actual video from a collection of clips. If you learn visually, this is the perfect tutorial!

6. Complete Color Grading Tutorial

Color grading is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re brand new to editing. Not only do you need to know how color grading works in your software, but you also need to understand color theory! Luckily, this tutorial video covers how color works in video, then talks about how to color correct a specific clip. This isn’t just about how to color grade in Premiere Pro, it’s about how color grading works in general!

7. Text Reveal Effect

I’ve personally referenced this video multiple times. In my editing experience, I haven’t had to animate text super often. But when I do, I want it to be as awesome as it is in this tutorial. The straightforward and detailed steps make it easy to follow along and adjust this tutorial to fit your needs. Premiere Pro has some powerful built-in text editing tools, and adding a little animation can go a long way!

8. How to Make a Timelapse

Even though they are made from photos rather than videos, time-lapses should be edited in Premiere Pro! This tutorial shows you how to record your time-lapse, as well as how to prepare the images for importing into Premiere. Then, you’ll learn how to optimally edit your photos into a timelapse. Overall, it’s a pretty easy kind or project to do, it just requires some setup!

9. How to Make a Hyperlapse

Hyperlapses are basically moving time-lapses. Time-lapses are known for being very smooth, but hyperlapses are easy to mess up. This video will show you how to properly create the hyperlapse with only your camera, then how to edit it in Premiere Pro. This is a fairly simple edit, but teaches some very important editing lessons you can use in other projects!

10. Import and Apply LUTs

LUTs, or look up tables, are an essential part of video editing. They help with color correction, giving a one-click solution to perfectly grading your footage. This tutorial goes over how to add your LUT files into Premiere and how to work with them. You’ll save a ton of time on color correction if you follow the tips in this tutorial! If video isn’t your thing, we also have a text version of how to import and apply LUTs.

11. Awesome Transitions to Make Your Videos Better

The best lesson to get out of this video is “shoot to edit”. Meaning, the best way to make smooth transitions in your videos is to record the transitional footage. So really, the best part of this tutorial has nothing to do with Premiere Pro. That being said, this tutorial still goes in-depth on how to use Premiere Pro to do some more technical transitions. A lot of these are fairly easy to accomplish and can really add a lot of spice to any simple video.

12. Get the “Cinematic Look”

Filmmakers are always on a quest for that “cinematic look”. While this may or may not really exist, and isn’t the same for everyone, a lot of people seem to have a vague idea of what makes something look cinematic. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to utilize a LUT in your footage, but then goes on to teach you how to enhance it further with other stabilization tools and smaller color correction tweaks. No matter what LUT you use, these are the building blocks of the “cinematic look”.

13. Fast and Easy Visual Effects

Special effects may seem like a distant dream if you’re a new editor. But this video tutorial goes over a few simple tricks you can do in Premiere Pro, even if you’re a beginner! You’ll be sure to impress your friends with how fast you learned how to do these fancy-looking effects! They are also just good exercises to try out in order to learn some of Premiere Pro’s additional features.

14. Little Video Editing Tricks that Make a Big Difference

While Premiere has plenty of fancy tools to do major edits with, it also has a lot of tools that can add subtle effects. These small editing tricks can make a big difference in your video, whether it’s a slight animation or making text stand out. These are essential tricks that every good video editor makes use of on a daily basis to add that extra bit of spice.

15. Music Video Effects

Music videos are a special kind of editing experience, and there are a lot of simple effects that can turn music video footage into a dynamic, energetic experience. Moreso than in movies, a shot can’t just linger for an extended period of time, or the viewer will get bored. Therefore, music videos are full of effects! This tutorial will show you some popular, effective, and simple tricks that anyone can do themselves.

16. How to Create Seamless Transitions

Seamless transitions are incredibly popular and can add a lot of interest to your videos. It’s much better than just using a simple fade or using no transition effect at all. This video covers how to do these transitions, and how to do them well. Many of them involve a lot of in-camera preparation. You can’t just slap these on any video and expect it to work, so be ready to plan out your edit in advance. There are a lot of Premiere Pro tutorials out there that teach you how to use transitions, but this one has some valuable lessons about how to not overdo it.

17. Smooth Slow Motion

Creating slow motion doesn’t mean you need a high refresh rate camera. This tutorial shows you how to use some simple Premiere Pro tools to create artificial slow motion that looks just like the real thing! These skills will allow you to add little spots of interest to any video. Tasteful slow motion is very popular in video editing, and this tutorial has everything you need to get started.

18. Easy Sky Replacement

Sometimes the sky just isn’t as exciting as you want it to be, or some of the detail is lost. Well luckily, replacing a boring, monochromatic sky with something more interesting is pretty easy. This quick tutorial goes through the couple steps you’ll need to select the old sky, and put a brand new one in its place! This can dramatically improve a lot of otherwise boring shots.

19. How to Use Workspaces

Workspaces are an essential part of learning Premiere Pro and making it work for you. Customizing your panels can make your workflow so much faster! Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced user, knowing how to adjust workspaces will speed up any new editing projects greatly! We have our own guide for customizing workspaces, so check that out if this topic interests you!

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  1. I never knew it could be so easy to replace the sky to make some of my shots more interesting. I am working as the editor and color corrector/grader for an upcoming short film and want to learn as much as I can about editing before the project begins. I’ll keep the information in this article in mind as we start to edit the footage.

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