7 Mobile Preset Packs for Food Photographers

7 Mobile Preset Packs for Food Photographers - FilterGrade

Have you ever seen a photo of a pastry that just made you crave something sweet? Or seen a picture that made you want to try a new dish? When it comes to food photography, a picture is worth a thousand words. Without being able to taste and smell the food, the viewers are relying on you (the photographer) to help tease the imagination and the senses. That can be done through colors, tones, and arrangements.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the photos you take just don’t do the food justice. Or the photo may be close to perfect but is missing something that will take it over the edge. You can spend hours trying to perfect just the right balance of color correction and exposure adjustments, or you can utilize the help of presets curated by some of the most popular photographers out there.

So, to help you get more out your photos, and to save you some time and frustration, we are going to show you 7 mobile preset packs for food photographers.

1. Art & Magic Mobile Lightroom Presets by Artem Matiushenko

Does your photo need extra color? Are you looking for something to set a mood? These cool presets created by popular Instagram teen photographer Artem Matiushenko can help turn your photos into a piece of art.

Art & Magic Mobile Lightroom Presets by Artem Matiushenko

2. Scandinavian Blue Mobile Lightroom Presets by Black.White.Vivid.

Your photo may benefit from the moody blue tones that have become synonymous with Nordic countries. Calm, cool and dreamy with a hint of warmth is what you can expect from these 23 carefully crafted presets from black.white.vivid. For the best effect, the creator of these presets suggests shooting with natural light in overcast weather or during the morning and evening golden hours.

3. My Beautiful Presets Food Bundle

This incredible preset bundle from My Beautiful Presets is great for helping bland food photos have a little more pop. My Beautiful Presets on Filtergrade.com have a host of popular mobile Lightroom preset bundles. This food bundle preset is great for pulling out the reds and greens from your photos, making the food appear even more delicious and vibrant. Even the place settings will have more character.

My Beautiful Presets Food Bundle

4. Foodies Feed Mobile Lightroom Presets

Jakub Kapusnak started the very popular FoodiesFeed.com site dedicated to all the foodies and grub heads out there who are also interested in photography!

This site is dedicated to providing high-quality food photography that is free to download for bloggers, and online sites. So, Jakub knows a thing or two about creating high-quality food photos. He has decided to share some of his own presets. This collection of 10 presets help food stand out with clarity and sharpness.

Foodies feed Mobile Lightroom Presets

5. My Beautiful Presets Cafe Lifestyle Bundle

When your photo has you yearning for the aroma of coffee and pastries, you may want to add a touch of earth tones to complete the scene.  This bundle of presets named Coffee, Espresso, Croissant, Bright Barista, Bakery, Green Tea, and Family Dinner can help create the ambiance you are looking for.

MyBeautifulPresets Cafe Lifestyle Bundle

6. MEGA PACK 2019 Mobile Lightroom Presets by Artem Matiushenko

If you liked the Art & Magic Lightroom, you’ll really like this “Mega Pack” of 52 Mobile Lightroom presets from Artem Matiushenko. This teen photographer has more than 15k follower on his Instagram. These presets are stylish and vivid.

MEGA PACK 2019 Mobile Lightroom Presets by Artem Matiushenko

7. Neo Sweet Theme Mobile Lightroom Presets

Do you have a photo that’s tugging at your sweet tooth? When this is the case you may want to use this vibrant and colorful preset. These mobile presets have been tested on various types of photos and camera brands. There are 5 mobile presets in total that adjusts the right amount of exposure without looking over-exposed. Each preset can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Neo Sweet Theme Bundle

So that’s an overview of some of the best mobile presets for food photographers.  There’s a nice variety of options at different price points. If you’re going through the trouble of framing the perfect shot and setting up the mise-en-scène of extraordinary food, you should take the extra step of using the perfect preset. There are so many great ones to choose from. The right preset can add a stylistic mood, color, and vibrancy to otherwise bland shots. They are also great starting points to help you discover your own style. Why reinvent the wheel when professional photographers from all over are willing to share some of their hard work and magic with you?

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