Free Bokeh Photoshop Effects Kit

Free Bokeh Photoshop Effects Kit

A very special, and free, Christmas gift from FilterGrade!

Gorgeous glowing, blurred lights. Bokeh effects can be simple, but add a lot of intrigue to an image. Bokeh overlays work especially well on portraits and scenic photos with light leaks.

Sorry we’re a few days late and these free bokeh textures didn’t arrive on Christmas morning, but we figured you’d need some time to open all your presents and chill with the family anyways!

Now that you’ve got new gear and goals for 2020, it is time to start editing. Use these free bokeh effects to create awe-inspiring portraits of friends, magical scenery, and more.

This file is free for use in personal AND commercial projects! Just don’t resell the assets as is. Read more about: File Licenses

How to Add Bokeh Overlays in Photoshop

Adding the free bokeh effects in Photoshop is really easy!

You just need to open your image, download the bokeh overlays from the button below, and then add them on top of your photos/designs!

Step 1.

Choose one of the four free bokeh effects (in .jpg format) and import into Photoshop.

Step 2.

Drag the bokeh image into your existing Photoshop document. You can add bokeh to a photo, image, or complex design! However; keep in mind the overlay effects work best on images with light coming in.

Step 3.

Double click the bokeh layer and select Blend Mode > Screen.

You can also try some other blend modes such as Lighten, Overlay, Soft Light, and Color Dodge for unique effects. Screen works the best for almost all situations though!

Pro Tip – Use motion blur to add movement to your bokeh! Click Filter > Blur > Motion Blur to add the effect. (Make sure you have the bokeh layer selected when adding the motion blur filter)

blend mode photoshop bokeh effect

Example with the blend mode: Screen

bokeh effects photoshop overlay freebie

Example with the blend mode: Soft Light

soft light bokeh overlay

Free Bokeh Overlays Download!

Click the button below for your free download. Includes four unique bokeh effects (.jpg format) that you can overlay on photos and designs in Photoshop, Gimp, and other mobile apps too!

Download the FREE Bokeh Overlays

Even More Examples

View additional examples of the bokeh overlays. Works great with portraits and subjects.

Want to get creative? You can erase some of the bokeh bubbles, or duplicate the layer and move them around to create new looks!

Bokeh Lights 1

free bokeh effects for photoshop

Photo: Mjmolo

Bokeh Lights 3

bokeh effect pride

Photo: Mjmolo

Bokeh Lights 2

bokeh lights portrait

Photo: Mjmolo

Bokeh Lights 4

bokeh christmas lights

Photo: Stocksnap

Bokeh Lights 2

moving bokeh effect

Photo: Mjmolo

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