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FREE Mobile Presets- Dan Balousek - FilterGrade

You can never have enough presets to sift through when editing. Obviously you can always start your edit from scratch, but having an interesting base to start from is so much quicker and can help you create something you otherwise may not have been able to!

Today, we have 3 FREE Lightroom Presets for Instagrammers (mobile), created by Dan Balousek that will help you boost your photos! Learn more about the FREE Presets and Download below. :)

What’s in the FREE Bundle?

With these FREE Instagram Lightroom Presets, you’ll receive 3 FREE Mobile Lightroom Presets (.DNG)! Each preset was taken from one pack of Daniel’s Master Bundle shown below:

Download the 3 FREE Lightroom Presets from Dan Balousek here:

To learn more about these presets and the Master Bundle with over 40 Lightroom presets, continue below!

3 in 1 MASTER BUNDLE: 41 Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Deskop

Three lightroom preset packs are here in one bundle worth 75$! With this collection you can transform your photos from Normal to Stunning! Editing on mobile? No problem! These presets are for mobile, deskop and camera raw! If you are landscape, travel or portrait photographer all of these presets will help you make better photos in one click! All Presets are Fully Adjustable. So, If they will not fit, you can adjust some shadows, highlights and blacks…

Travel & Nature MASTERPACK

Brilliant photo filters for scenic views and mountains regions. Inspired by New Zealand and it’s nature. Effects with high contrast, perfect for indoor, outdoor, travel, vacation, landscape, social media, weddings, blogger, magazine, nature, lifestyle, wildlife, animals, hiking, infuencer, aerial, drones, professional photos. Mobile and Desktop Lightroom MASTERPACK Included 14 presets for every kind of picture

Vintage & Dramatic MASTERPACK

14 deep brown, moody Lightroom mobile presets. This pack was created for gorgeous rich moody photos with deep brown shadows but also very bright tones! These presets are super versatile and all-around great on people, scenery, and even pets! These presets where created to give your photos an analogical film effect!

Orange & Teal MASTERPACK

Make your photos stand out with this preset pack which includes 13 unique presets for Lightroom. These presets were designed especially for portraits, travel, lifestyle, and wedding photography to give your photos that popular and attractive orange and teal look.

Still Looking for More Freebies?

Who’s not?

We’re always trying to find and/or create new free overlays, textures, presets, and more to help make our editing workflow smooth, seamless, and fresh every single time.

Check out some more of our favorite freebies below:

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