How to Create Easy Masking Transition Effect in Premiere Pro

masking transition premiere pro

If you want to create a professional level transition for your video project; the transition effect which is very popular in movies – then you are at the right place. In this article we are going to show you how to make an easy masking transition effect in Adobe Premiere Pro. Continue below to read along and see a video demonstration for how to create easy masking transitions for your video projects!

The Popularity of Masking Transitions

Many popular YouTubers like Sam Kolder, JR Alli, & Benn TK have been using these mask effects as Premiere Pro Transitions and have made them incredibly popular and sought after in the video community. These premiere pro transition effects also known as custom reveal with masking, wipe masking, walk by masking effect, slide by masking effect transition are perfect for travel video, fashion films, music video projects, and more!

Another popular term for this effect is “Slick walk by transition”.

So to learn how to create a masking transitions effect in Premiere Pro, watch this masking transition tutorial or custom wipe masking tutorial below.

What Are Video Transitions?

Video transitions are effects or techniques which are applied during post production. Apart from the simple cut between two individual shots, if the editor wants some creative or attractive effect they use transitions. There are many type of transitions like zoom, wipe, slide, luma, fade and many more.

Why Are Video Transitions so Popular?

Well… in the YouTube era many travel vloggers, cinematographers, and filmmakers are using transition effects to make their video unique amongst others. The simple cut is back dated, so they make some cool & smooth transitions which gives an epic look to their videos.

Where to Use Video Transitions?

This is the million dollar question. To make cool videos many YouTubers and editors use transitions randomly which may not look smooth according to the shots. You have to see which transitions are going to work well in between specific shots. Sometimes you may need to choose transitions according to the camera movement or subject movement also. Like in our video here – this is what we are doing with this Mask Transition Effect.

Lastly, I hope the above tutorial may help you to make your video look professional and creative. If you want to use other transition effects you can download those from here: Premiere Pro Transitions

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