How to Make Perfect Flat Lay Photos

How to Make Perfect Flat Lay Photos

Flat lay photo is a perfect way to showcase your lifestyle in one single picture and at same time, wow your followers. You can use it to tell a story, to show all kinds of subjects you own. As simple as flat lay photos, just shoot it from up above and you got it. How to make perfect flat lay photos from the very beginning? Here are steps that we recommended!

Photo: @Dina Belenko

1. Background

The simplest and work-for-all background you could use is a white one: your dinning table, a white board or a white blanket… You can also use other colors and things as background, it can be your carpet, a map, your bed sheet or some background board you made with patterns. As long as the background fits well, you can move to the next step.

Photo :Christina Greve

Photo: Lily Rose

2. Lighting

Flat lay is best with natural light which is soft, balanced and bright enough to illuminate your image. Bring your backboard near to windows or you can go outside to find the lovely natural lighting. The best time of a day is in the morning and before the sun fully comes out and same for the afternoon before the sun goes down completely. Remember to avoid the sun/light shinning straight to your work and be aware of the shadows to get a more natural finish.

Photo: @Jose

3. Choose a theme and prepare props

Before shooting, choose a theme for your flat lay. It can be about the same/contrast color, tones, daily routine or a story you want to tell. The point of flat lay is to crate a mood or a vibe.

Photo: @Dina Belenko

After choosing the theme, prepare the props that are related. If you are hesitate of whether to include some props, do not worry, bring them all and they will find their own way out.

Photo: @light_reid

4. Play around with your props

The final step before you snap that flat lay. When shooting flat lays, there is often one larger item that anchors your image. There are many ways you can compose and assemble your props, don’t stick to one style, play around with them, you will be surprised.

Photo: Christina Greve

Line them up!

Make your props in line is the easiest way to try and get a stunning picture. Keep your lines clean, consider symmetry on both sides of the frame and create space between each object.

Photo: Ashley Alexander
Photo: Emily Blincoe

Big and small

Randomly spread props and position them in different angles, give enough space for the anchor prop and put supportive props around it. Leave space between two big items and fill it small ones. The goal is to keep everything shown in perfect balance.

Photo: @Emilie
Photo: Phoebe Soup

Leave it alone

Experiment with empty, sometimes a blank in the picture will bring a whole different vibe. Less is more, at the end of the day, the flat lay is all about your story. Also, add text to the empty place in the image is a good way

Photo: Andre Binarto
Photo: Brooke Lark

Bring hands in the frame

Human presence in a creative flat lay works great, including hands in frame brings your image to life. After composing your flat lay, ask your model to pose for the shot. Hands in the frame also need to be flat, gigantic hands could ruin a flat lay.

Photo: @Dina Belenko

5. Snap and then… try it all over again

After one shoot, try to compose the props in another way and shoot again. Find out which one is the best showcase of them, it will be so much fun!

Photo: Brooke Lark

6. Use your editing apps

Using different filters on your pictures or try adding text to your image. It’s a great way to articulate the message you’re looking to convey. Whether it’s vintage, modern fashion or you want to use for your business. Use these Lightroom presets for your fabulous flat lay! You can also try mobile presets for on the go flat lays.

Also, check out these hand lettering designs over photos for inspiration!

perfect flat lay photos tutorial

With these steps in mind, you are equipped to shoot like a pro! Keep testing and exploring. Just enjoy!!

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