New Features Coming to Lightroom Classic for June 2022

There are some major new features coming to the June 2022 release of Lightroom Classic. This includes more customization for presets, AI-powered mask copying, mask inversions, and so much more. It’s an exciting update with plenty to love, so let’s dive in. Learn all about the best new features here including the much awaited feature of a preset slider, which allows you to adjust the intensity of your Lightroom Presets.

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Preset Amount Slider

The preset slider lets you adjust the intensity of presets that you’ve applied to your photos. Open a photo in the Develop module, then apply a preset from the Presets panel. Now you can use the Amount slider to adjust the preset’s intensity from 0 to 200, with the changes being instantly visible.

This is a great way to customize presets quickly and easily. Sometimes presets can be perfected just by changing how strongly they apply, and this new slider is a simple one-click way of adjusting that. Of course this only applies to presets that can be scaled like this, which should be most that you’re likely to be using.

When you create a new preset, you’ll be able to select “Support Amount Slider” under Advanced Settings in order to use this feature with it. This will only be an option if you’re using only scalable settings.

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Select Subject and Select Sky

Thanks to some handy Artificial Intelligence, Select Subject and Select Sky masks can now be applied to more than one photo at the same time with just one click. Open a photo in the Develop module, then apply a mask preset from the Presets panel. Click on the Copy button under the Presets panel, and select all of the photos that you want to apply the effect to. Then click Paste, and the mask will automatically apply to the subject or sky in each photo, intelligently.

There are also a few new premium presets added to Lightroom in this release, which can use AI-powered selections to adjust the sky or the subject with ease.

Invert a Mask

You can now easily invert a mask with one click. Historically this has not been a very simple thing to do! Open a photo in the Develop panel, select Masking from the tool strip, then click on the three-dot icon next to the mask. There will be an option to invert that mask, making the entire process super simple.

You can also duplicate and invert the mask. This allows you to keep your original mask while also having a copy of the new mask for the least destructive editing possible.

Support for New Camera and Lenses

This release of Lightroom Classic includes support for new cameras and lens profiles. You can see these resources to get the full list:

Other Enhancements

The June 2022 Lightroom Classic update comes with a variety of other enhancements. These small updates should be good news for certain users who benefit from them, with everyone being able to take advantage of the new premium presets! Here is a quick list of these new features:

  • New crop overlay (“Fifths”)
  • Better Preview Management
  • GPU acceleration for export
  • Loupe info overlay options
  • Faster Smart Previews Purging
  • New locales supports (Norwegian and Polish)
  • New Premium Presets

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