8 Photography Trends for Holiday Marketing

8 Photography Trends for Holiday Marketing

Holiday marketing aims to attract customers on the eve and the period of the most significant events for the target audience. We are talking about not only major events such as the New Year or Black Friday but also more local and no less important dates, for example, Student’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Depending on the area of activity of the company and its level, holidays for special marketing will be selected. Let us discover how to prepare photography holiday marketing and analyze the most successful VistaCreate tools like postcard templates and advice on the topic.

Decorations for the corporate website and social networks

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If you want to create a special mood and anticipation of a miracle among your website visitors and social media followers, there are many ways to achieve this with the help of visual design:

  • Ask a designer to draw a festive version of your logo: with snowflakes, Christmas decorations, etc.
  • Draw a holiday banner and place on it the seasonal items you currently have on sale, a gift guide, etc.
  • Stylish and creative animations can be added to the site. This will put visitors in the right mood.
  • Prepare a new cover for your Facebook profile and post-holiday stories on Instagram, change the banner on the pages of the site and landing pages, and style the models and the email newsletter template.

You do not have to stick to the colors associated with the holiday. The color solution can be anything; the main thing is that it is aesthetic and fits into the corporate style.

For those looking to infuse their marketing with a festive touch without dedicating extensive resources to custom designs, leveraging templates for design can offer an efficient yet highly customizable solution. These templates allow for rapid adaptation to any holiday theme, streamlining the creative process.

Bright colors

Accent colors draw the eye to the main subject, so use them in your photos. Do not exaggerate saturation and watch out for color combinations.

It is easier to work with pastel colors – dusty shades are combined more easily than bright ones. Still, you can stick to the rule and use no more than 2-3 bright colors in the frame. Count the colors in the model’s outfit and don’t forget about the background.

In addition, if there are several objects of the same color in the frame, you can achieve the same shade with the help of a properly selected light or editor.


Ideal pictures are boring and associated with something fake. Today, the trend is shots taken as if by accident. The results of the shooting should be such that a professional photographer did not organize it, but someone caught a good moment in between. Therefore, do not be afraid of smears or highlights – they give photographs a special charm.

Eternal values


The most important things for all of us are life, family, love, home, and security. Living family shots are what catch the eye and attract attention today. It does not matter what we are wearing and what interior we are in — the main thing is that we are there and the portrait shares the history.

Therefore, you can make a special shoot according to the holiday and use it for promotion.

Hard light

We are used to hearing that the sun is the enemy of the photographer. Perhaps, this is so if the specialist does not know how to work with open beams. However, in the hands of a professional, bright light can work wonders.

To make such shots effective, you need to lower the exposure and increase the light contrast. The human eye shows an average picture – we see both lights and shadows well at the same time, but with the help of a camera, it is possible to achieve an effect that we will not notice in real life, so it will catch the eye.


The less detail in the photo, the more attention will be focused on the main subject. The photographer, as if the artist, takes a white sheet and puts on it only what they see fit.

Therefore, do not overload your holiday marketing photos with details. Leave the space for the imagination of your customer.

Special Effects

green christmas tree with red baubles

We live in a time when you can draw everything with the help of Photoshop. Therefore, the special effects that appear as a result of the shooting itself, and not in post-processing, always stop the attention of the audience and make them wonder.

Unusual content

In holiday marketing, originality is important to get your audience to notice you. You can select one or more content formats from the list:

  • Collections of creative content corresponding to the theme of the holiday.
  • Photo collections and photo reports (for example, behind-the-scenes footage of how you celebrate this date in the company).
  • Photo from subscribers.

Whatever the new trends are, keep your own style. It is not necessary to act like a carbon copy and shoot exactly like popular photographers. Try to carefully implement current trends in pictures, and you will definitely not lose your value and uniqueness. For example, you can shoot like you are a wedding photographer based in Sydney, or you can shoot like you are an action sports photographer based in Tokyo – both photographers will create very unique content in their own, separate ways!

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