Top 10 Photography Conferences and Expos 2020

Top 10 Photography Conferences and Expos 2020

Photography conferences, expos, and trade shows offer photographers of every level, viable information. Not only are they a great way to network but you get a sneak peak at what other top photographers and industry professionals are doing.

These conferences can provide you with the latest trends, gear, tips, and tricks that can boost your photography business. While these conferences are plentiful there are definitely a few that stand out as the best of the best to attend to. In 2020 you won’t want to miss these 10 photography conferences. Special thanks to Dan Gold for the cover photo!

Best Photography Conferences and Expos

Imaging USA

As one of the longest-running conference in the US, you can expect to learn a great deal from attending Imaging USA. Nearly 10,000 photographers attend to learn not only how to grow their business but ways to push themselves as artists. You can register or learn more about what to expect when you attend by going here.

WPPI Conference & Expo for Wedding & Portrait Photography

The WPPI expo is an annual event that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. While it caters to those in the portrait and wedding niches the expo offers a wide range of opportunities to learn from leading educators and leaders in the industry as well as the ability take part in classes, network, and some entertainment. It is a four-day expo you won’t want to miss. To learn more go here.


Shutterfest is one of a kind experience. You will only find only those passionate and truly dedicated to the photography industry and craft. If you are looking for an event that is unlike any of the other traditional conferences than Shutterfest is where you want to go. You will hear from over 50 of the industry’s leaders and network in a way that is casual and fun. To learn more check out their event site here.


If you want to get the latest information on everything revolving around photography then you’ll want to attend the PhotoPlus conference in New Your City. It’s a 3-day event where you will not only get a chance to hear from top speakers but also take part in classes that discuss lighting techniques, shooting styles, business management and even have your portfolio reviews by experts. To register and learn more go here.


If you are looking for a more one on one expo this collaboration of photographers is one you will want to add to your list of must-see expos. PhotoPro is held in the midwest of the US and you will come across live demos, a trade show, and up-close education opportunities. To register and learn more check out PhotoPro here

Showit United

Showit United takes place every November in Arizona. If you want to learn how to make your photographer hobby or side business into a successful business this is the conference you need to attend. You will learn the best strategies, tips, and techniques to start, grow and maintain a successful business. Check out their website here to learn more. 

Photo LA

Photo LA is an international photography art exposition, If you want to get your work viewed by some of the top collectors and curators you will want to be a part of this expo. To learn more check out their Photo LA website.

Carolina Photo Expo

The Carolina Photo Expo is held in North Carolina and is viewed as one of the leading photography conferences in the United States. Here you can expect to learn from leading professionals, find a number of classes to sit in on, and gain valuable information on how to grow your business as well as how to perfect your craft. To register or learn more go here.


If you want to travel to attend a phenomenal photography event you’ll want it head to Germany. Photokina will reveal the latest products and must-have gear as a photographer. You will also get an inside look and chance to learn from top professionals from around the world on not just photography techniques but also post-production tips and business growth methods. To see what all Photokina has to offer, visit their website here.

The Photography Show

The Photography Show is held in the UK and is organized by associates and professional in Britain. Here you are bound to hear about the latest advancement in the photography industry as well as partake in some of the best one-a-kind seminars and presentation. You can learn more and get tickets for the 2020 show here

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