10 Places to Promote Your Blog or Video Content

10 Places to Promote Your Content - FilterGrade

Whether you have a blog, vlog, or just stellar content to share, you need to know how to get your content seen in order for it to be of any value. You can’t just expect to post the most awesome article or video and people to just stumble across it. While this can happen, it is much wiser and more effective to promote your content to get more views.  Here are 10 places to promote your blog or video content.

How to Promote Your Blog or Video Content

1. Email List

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Email marketing does not get as much attention as it should With a vast array of other promotional options, many look at email marketing as an old-school and out of date approach to promoting content. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is email marketing an effective way to promote your content, but it is also one of the most cost-efficient ways to do so. 

In order to get the most out of email marketing, you need to have an extensive email list. You can build your list by adding a subscribe option on your blog or video and encourage those to share the content which increases the number of views and potential subscribers.

2. Reciprocal Sharing Sites

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Reciprocal sites are a different type of social network that allows you to post and have content shared. You earn credits each time you share another user’s content which is how you get your content shared. Some reciprocal sites to get started with include Triberr and Viral Content Bee.

3. Facebook

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Facebook offers a number of avenues for you to share content. You can share blogs or videos on your personal page, business page, groups and more. It is also more likely that others will share your content on their page if they enjoy what you post. Facebook is one of the few social media sites that makes sharing easier.

4. Pinterest

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You can link your content on your Pinterest account to directly drive audiences to your blog or video channel. The best way to gain attention on Pinterest is to have eye-catching graphics or infographics. Creating an infographic can instantly pique interest in your content as it allows you to visually show what your post is about and include minimal text. Pinterest groups should also be looked into as another outlet to share content.

5. Twitter

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Twitter may not be the most popular place to share content or videos but it can offer you another platform that lets you reach a new audience that may not be active on other social sites.

6. Instagram

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Instagram is a popular place to not only share your content but give you the opportunity to speak about it. Instagram stories allow you to build up excitement around a certain blog or video you are working on and can help you engage followers.

7. LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that allows you to add content to their blog. You will want to wait a few days before you republish your content on LinkedIn because this allows Google to rank and rate it.

8. Social Bookmarking Sites

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These sites allow users to post their own content, videos, and images all on the same platform. Other users can view this content and bookmark it which adds it to a collection of their own. This system of bookmarking can get your content shared by many users. Some of these sights also allow content to be voted on, the more votes your content get the higher up it gets bumped to gain more exposure. Some of the most popular bookmarking sites to check out: Reddit, Medium, Flipboard, and Digg.

9. Niche Social Bookmarking Sites

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Similar to social bookmarking sites these allow you to share specific content on their sites. This is ideal for driving more traffic to your blog or vlog as you are getting your content seen by individuals who are already interested in that topic. Some niche-based sites to consider include: BlogEngage, Blokube, Growth Hacker, and theWebBlend.

10. Share on Third Party Sites

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Third-party sites can include: 

  • Content curation sites. These sites offer you the opportunity to curate your content into a list. You would need to create a topic and write additional content around that topic is it is an easy way for you to get a number of your posts viewed.  
  • Content aggregators. These sites list a collection of similar content in one location. This can make easier for interested individuals to find and you can reach a much larger audience. 
  • Other blogs. You can share your content on another blog if you feel it supports the author’s original content and can be another resource for that audience. 

One final tip. Repurpose your blog and video content. If you have a blog consider making it into a video where you can share it on additional platforms. If you just do a Vlog, consider transcribing it to text to be shared. The more ways you can use your content the more ways you can promote it!

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