25 Infographic Templates to Inspire You

25 Inspiring Infographic Templates - FilterGrade

Infographics are great for so many different uses. They help to tell stories, reveal information, and get more visibility among target audiences – all in a visual way that draws the reader in. On top of that, they are incredibly easy to share. But, let’s face it coming up with eye-catching, relatable and entertaining infographics isn’t always easily or successfully done. If you are struggling to create your own infographic these 20 templates will help get you started. Here are 25 Infographic Templates to Inspire You.

25 Infographic Templates

1. Six Principles of Connected Learning

This template allows you to fully customize the design. Change up the colors, add or remove blocks, write your own content and add your own images. This template enables you to break down complex concepts in an easy to follow visual showing how each concept connects and builds on the next. This is great for educational information and can be downloaded here.

2. Bicycling: An American Tradition

This events timeline template is great to help tell a story. Whether it is the history of your company, the process of creating your product or services, or the history of your business this timeline is sleek and modern with full customization options. Get this template here.

3. 5 Reasons to Support the Arts Infographic

This infographic allows you to share simple how-to information, tips, and share important information. The template is simple, easy to follow and easy to customize. Get it here.

4. The 8 Biggest Graphic Design Trends of 2019

This bold, colorful, and informative infographic allows you to share what you know about the industry. Customize the color pallet, add in your own knowledge, showcase stunning images and even add in some fun vectors and this is one infographic that will get passed around. Customize this template here.

5. Photo facts

Short, simple, and to the point. Sometimes the most eye-catching infographics are the once that just share one viral piece of information. Whether its a quote, statistic, or tip this infographic is perfect for a quick design that many will share. You can find this template here.

6. The Almighty Dollar

This is a great infographic to get inspiration from. It visually shows some complex data in an organized and easy to follow the design.

7. 3D Transparent Funnel Infographic

This unique infographic design really pops out. Featuring a 3D graphic that allows you to customize content into 4 simply segments. This is a great graphic to show information that builds on top of one another or that flows into the other. You can get this template from graphicriver.net.

8. 5 Tips to Keep Your Chin Up

Do you have some quick tips you want to easily share with your followers, fans, or email list? This infographic shows you how you can easily design an eye-catching and engaging infographic to share some useful content with the world. Download this template here!

9. Step-by-Step Recipe Timeline

This infographic isn’t just for recipes. While it is great for sharing how to make a delicious treat it can be customized to show the simple steps or process for a number of other projects. Ou can sign up at Lucippress.com to access this free template.

10. Business Pitch Presentation Infographic

This is a great infographic that can be used for presentation, business meetings, and more. Easily break down ley points and data so everyone on your team can be on the same page. You can access this template here.

11. Target Demographic and Personas Infographic.

One of the best ways to ensure you are targeting the right audience is to know who that audience is. This infographic allows you to visually see who it is you are providing services for. This is also a great way to share with your audience why what you provide fits into their daily lives. You can customize this template here.

12. How-to Healthy Lifestyle Infographic

Want to give your clients a relatable infographic that showcases the benefits they can have using your services or product? This infographic though designed for personal trainers can be customized to give your audience a clear picture of how they can make simple changes to improve their health, business, relationship and more. Customize this template to fit your business needs here.

13. Effective Study Methods

Designed to help teachers show the step s students can take to be successful academically this template can inspire you to create on that also helps your audience. It is a simple design that catches attention through pops of color and images with easy to read content. Give this template a try here.

14. Set of Infographic Templates and Business Icons

This isn’t just a template it is a whole package that allows you to customize key features for your business needs and purposes. This business template is great to create and share with your team to ensure everyone understands the vision, goal, and mission of your business. Download this template and all its features here.

15. Ecology Infographics After Effect Template

This eco-friendly infographic bundle provides you with a lot to be inspired by. With various places to provide content, customizable colors and animated features, this infographic template will really stand out. You can get this bundle on filtergrade.com.

16. Inbound Methodology

This is a super simple infographic that is easy to share and customize. Best used for marketing purpose but you can gain inspiration from this simple design to various projects. Try out this template here.

17. Free infographic elements bundle

This bundle of infographic elements is ideal for those who want a number of options to experiment with and use. The infographic is colorful, and provide you with various design features. You can access this bundle here.

18. Fun Mothers Day Activity Ideas

This infographic will inspire you to share some of your own tips and activities. Creating an infographic like this will help get it shared more. Use it to guide your own infographic design or gain access here for the template.

19. Infographic Curriculum Vitae

Looking for a few ideas of how you can better sell your business idea, products or even your own skills? This infographic shows you how you can combine all the key details, benefits, and knowledge into one simple visual design.

20. How a Car Engine Works

This infographic design feathers moving graphics, an eye-catching layout, and in-depth content. IF you are looking for some fresh ideas of how you can show what your product does this is the infographic to look over. Check out the full infographic here.

21. A Day in the Life of a Blogger

This timeline infographic can give you audience a simple inside look at what doing business with you can really be like. This Infographic is versatile to show the beginning to end process, schedule or steps for a number of items related to your business. You can customize this template on canva.com.

22. How to Make Strawberry Jam

The photos on this graphic are what really makes this design stand out. You don’t have to use it for food-based information this design can be an inspiration for how you share a variety of real images on your infographic design. You can access this template here.

23. How to Become a Sought-After Editor

This template is great for not only give useful tips to your audience but also easily allows you to compare and contrast two ideas. This is template can be customized to fit your own style, brand and business needs. You can find this template here.

24. How to Enjoy a College Party

The colors and background designs are what really makes this template stand out. Customize the content to give advice to your audience on a wide range of fun topics. Give this creative template a try here.

25. How Your Donation Can Help

If you have an event coming up or a charitable cause you want to raise funding for this infographic will help get your creativity flowing. This template shows you how you can relate important information about the benefits of the even or charity you are supporting. You can completely customize this template here.

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