17 Unique Spring & Summer Video LUTS Packs

17 Unique Spring & Summer Video LUTS Packs

LUTs are lookup tables that alter the Red, Green, and Blue channels of an image/video. These tables help you bring out more vibrancy and details in your films improving the overall quality and keeping your color grading consistent across a variety of clips. LUTs can help you easily add unique components to your videos and we’ve rounded up some of the best for your springtime and summer video projects! Special thanks to Aaron Burden for the cover photo.

Best Spring + Summer LUTs

Corinth Suarez Video LUTs

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add clean and vibrant colors to your video this is the pack for you. The Corinth Suarez Video LUTs pack is a great match for lifestyle and fashion vloggers.

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MoonArt Studio Lizard Mode Video LUTs Bundle

This LUTs come packed with 27 designs with natural effects and realistic tones. These are ideal for travel and adventure videos. If you are looking to give life to the colors in your videos and deepen the tones you will want to check out this LUTs pack here

The Pretty Pack – Skin and Scenery Enhancing LUTs for Vloggers

This pack is ideal for those looking to enhance the springtime colors in their video. Perfect for the vlogger on the go, this pack includes a variety of options that allows you to even skin tones and make colors in the background pop. Check it out here

Gentle Pastel PS Actions & LUTs Bundle

The springtime is all about pastels and this LUTs pack will help bring them out in your videos. You can get this LUTs pack here.

Samuel Silitonga Jr. Video LUTs

This LUTs pack is perfect for your springtime videos as it really enhances the natural elements in your projects. Use the Samuel Silitonga Jr. Video LUTs pack if your a lifestyle or travel vlogger capture eye-catching landscapes. Or, use it with any of your videos where you want to bring out the richness in the colors. 

Cineplus Vista LUT

This LUTs pack not only gives your videos a more cinematic edge it brings out the vibrant tones in your footage. See how you can enhance your videos with this pack here

Kurt Von Studios Retro Film LUTs

Want to give your videos a retro look? The Kurt Von Studios Retro Film LUTs pack is what you are looking for. Easily add retro flares, colors, textures, and more with this bundle. 

Wander LUTs Travel Bundle

This LUTs pack comes equipped with a wide range of color grading that will enhance all your springtime scenery. Easily add a warm glow to the sun rays, deepen the green of the grass in your vast fields of flowers, bring more vibrancy to your sunset with the Wander LUTs Travel Bundle.

MajesticAsh LUTs Bundle

This LUTs packed is designed to liven up your video footage. In the springtime you want to bring out the colors and springtime vibe of joy and playfulness. This LUTs pack will help you accomplish that and more. Check it out here

Chasitey Pounds Video LUTs

This LUTS pack will help you enrich your footage with hues of teal, orange, peach, red, and green. All the colors that you want to enhance when it comes to spring. Check out how this LUTs pack can transform your videos here.

Russell Cardwell Faded 01 LUTs

The Russell Cardwell Faded 01 LUTs pack will add a dreamy element to your spring footage. See how you can add a vintage or springtime flair to your footage here.   

Artist Found LUTs Collection

This is the ultimate LUTs pack for travel and lifestyle vloggers. With so many options to transform your footage, the possibilities are endless. This LUTs pack focuses on enhancing colors and add unique elements to your video footage. Get it here to start transforming your spring footage.

Peter Dibussolo LUTs Bundle

The Peter Dibussolo LUTs Bundle is the perfect tool that will bring out the blues, teals, and orange colors in your springtime footage. You will be able to quickly transform your footage into vibrant and beautiful cinematic videos in no time. Get it here.  

Cineplus Perfeckta LUT

This LUTs pack is highly versatile, making it ideal to use for any type of project. It includes a number of color bundles including an infrared foliage effect so you can transform your spring leaves into pink foliage. See what else you can do with this pack here

DJI Spark LUTs Collection

This pack comes equipped with two folders each holding 20 LUTs designs. These can be easily added to aerial footage, landscapes, cityscapes and more. Learn more about the DJI Spark LUTs Collection here

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Martin Timmer Tourist Bundle Video LUTs

The Martin Timmer Tourist Bundle Video LUTs can help add in warm hues to your springtime video collection. It was created with the travel videographer in mind but, is the perfect fit for any video projects. You can access it here

Cineplus Spectra LUT

This LUTs pack focuses on enhancing those earthy tones in your spring footage. You can easily add natural hues that are warm or cool while maintaining an organic feel. You can get it here

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