How to Use Drone Videography for Event Marketing

How to Use Drone Videography for Event Marketing

Undoubtedly, drone videography has changed the landscape of many industries nowadays. In architecture and engineering, drones are now being used to survey sites and structures. Some real estate agents have also been using drone videography to show prospective buyers videos of properties for sale.

Interestingly, drones are now widely used to make multiple marketing campaigns more exciting and fun. Using drone videography for events has also become a thing. However, the massive popularity of drone videography is not exactly surprising if we consider all the peerless benefits it offers.

Marketing Events with Drone Videos

Since videos can attract more people than photos, many businesses use drone videography as their primary marketing tool. Come to think of it, drones can easily take sweeping and breathtaking views of any subject. Night videography using drones can also capture colors, movements, and lights no other tool can.

Below are some of the ways you can use drone videography to take your event marketing to the next level:

Birds’ Eye View Videos

Many real estate agents and agencies have been using drones to show prospective buyers properties for sale. Marketers are now also taking advantage of drone videography to give sponsors and guests aerial videos of the event venue.

If the event involves sellers and exhibitors, the video can also provide an idea of where they can display their items and their booths.

Flying Billboards

Rather than marketing an event using conventional means like signage and billboards, drones can now be used to hang banners and tarpaulins of events. Drones can also be used to fly ads where many people can see them. Several drones can also be flown in different places for broader coverage.

Security Surveillance

Regardless of the size and type of the event, ensuring the safety of all the participants is crucial. Marketers now have the option to use drone videos to ensure the safety of the event and all the attendees. Many marketers have been using drones to roam around the venue and monitor security, so everyone is safe.

Data Collection

Drone videos can be used to collect information or data relevant to the activity or event. Case in point: many real estate agents have been using drones to gather data about the neighborhood where the properties they are trying to sell are located. Using drones to collect data has also given marketers a better insight and understanding into their target market.

Social Media Channels

The power, clout, and influence of social media are no longer up for debate. Many marketers have seen its power to convince people to patronize their products and services. Marketers can also attest how social media can effectively lure audiences to join their planned marketing activities and events.

On social media, the most popular videos can be found on Facebook and Instagram’s IGTV. Marketers also use social media to feed live drone videos of facility and site visits, event preparations, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with speakers, exhibitors, and guests.

Live Streaming

Many drone models come with features that allow live streaming, and many marketers are using this technology to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. There are various ways live streaming can be used in marketing. For starters:

  • Live streaming is an excellent option for marketers who want to give exhibitors, guests, and participants a sneak peek of the event venue. A live stream can also show the venue from different angles. This is helpful so everyone will have a visual idea of what to expect and how things will look during the event.
  • Another great idea would be to live stream all the preparations done for the event. For instance, drones can be used to give participants and guests a backstage tour. Drones can also be used to live stream announcements, so guests and attendees know new event updates and developments. Live streams are even more popular and exciting because they allow the audience to feel as if they are in the actual venue where the action happens.
  • Marketers can also live stream facility or site tours and product launches.

BTS Content

One effective way to generate buzz would be to shoot behind-the-scenes footage of the event. Drones can also create stunning and entertaining videos showing members arranging seats, setting up the stage, and putting up signages and banners.

You can even show the team goofing around while preparing for the event. Similar posts can often grab attention and help stir excitement for the upcoming event.

Acknowledging Sponsors

Drone videos would be a great way of acknowledging individuals and sponsors that have helped make the event possible. Drones can also be used to shoot signages and banners of sponsors as well as their booths. Drone shots can also be used to create a video that will showcase the extent of the sponsor’s involvement in the event.

Final Thoughts

Drones can help you produce high-quality footage without spending a fortune. Not only that, they also offer unlimited versatility so that you can do so many things—from live streaming to data collection. If you are looking for ways to make your next marketing event stand out, consider using drone videography and enjoy all the peerless benefits it can offer.

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