Tiffen Releases Aerial Drone Filters for DJI & Autel Drones

Tiffen Releases Drone Filters for DJI and Autel drones

This week, Tiffen released a new ‘Aerial Collection’ of drone filters for a variety of drones from both DJI and Autel.

Why Drone Filters?

Tiffen debuted their ‘Aerial Collection’ this week featuring ND and Polarizer filters for drones.

The Polarizer filters are said to help capture ‘dramatically bluer skies and less washed out scenes/angles’. Tiffen also says you’ll notice a reduction in glare from non-metallic surfaces (like in windows or on water).

The Neutral Density filters come in a range of densities and prevent overexposure. They also reduce shutter speed to help you avoid wobble effects with your drone videos.

Filters Series

tiffen mavic 2 pro drone filters

Photo: Tiffen

Sample Photos

View sample photos of the various drone filters below. Taken by members of the Tiffen Flight Team.

tiffen polarizer filters for drones

Photo: Tiffen | Filter: Circular Polarizer for DJI Inspire

tiffen nd filter

Photo: Tiffen | Filter: Natural ND 1.5 for DJI Inspire

dji mavic air tiffen drone filters

Photo: Tiffen Flight Team member, Wellington Rodrigues | Filter: ND8 for DJI Mavic Air

emily kaszton drone filter sample photo

Photo: Tiffen Flight Team member, Emily Kaszton | Filter: ND4 PL for DJI Mavic 2

Starter Kits

Tiffen put together different types of starter kits and specialized bundles of their drone filters. The Tiffen Starter Kit for Inspire 2 drones features a polarizer and an ND filter, for example. While the Mavic Air Series drone filters have ND Kits with three or six filters in a set. All drones have different kits or individual filters, so you’ll want to explore for yourself on Tiffen’s website.

In the future, you’ll also be able to purchase individual filters.

tiffen individual drone filters

Photo: Tiffen

DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Tiffen Drone Filter

dji mavic 2 pro with tiffen drone filter

Photo: Tiffen

Autel X-Star with Tiffen Drone Filter

autel x-star drone

Photo: Tiffen

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