Professional Photography’s Impact on Retail Displays

Professional Photography's Impact on Retail Displays

Retail displays have to serve a number of purposes. They have to grab the attention of passersby, sell a product and show what the item does. Hiring a professional photographer increases the chance you’ll capture the perfect shot that pulls in your target audience.

Why Are Retail Displays of Vital Importance?

In August, Global Newswire reported the global point of purchase (POP) display market was growing an estimated 4.8% per year, with a projected revenue of $15.3 billion by 2028. As more companies enter an already crowded marketplace, your POP displays can make or break your bottom line. 

Retail displays must fit into the overall design of a wide variety of store types. You also have to make sure your product packaging works as well on the shelf as in a stand alone type display case. The key to gaining an edge is quite likely professional photography. Here’s why:

1. Stay True to Your Brand

You likely already have a brand persona and a style guide. The more consistent you are with any interaction a customer has with your company, the more likely they’ll remember you and see you as reliable.

Photographers can take images based on other work you’ve already done. Even if initial photographs weren’t as great as they might have been, they can take elements from the previous work and incorporate it into an excellent display.

They can also work with your brand’s color palette, adding details and hues to pull everything together. Most photographers are artists at heart, so they have a solid understanding of how colors work together. 

2. Grab Attention

Imagine your retail displays in stores. The customer walks down the aisle and sees things in every direction. However, your photographer ensured they added in some splashes of color to draw the eye. Perhaps your product category is one that trends toward blues and reds, but your photographer added a splash of yellow to the compositions.

Using images that are bright and enticing can improve your revenue and make for a successful product launch. 

3. Tell a Story

Photographers know how to capture the exact moment that tells an entire story. Whether you sell home goods and you add a photo of a family enjoying the perfect happy moment, or you sell something to erase fear and they capture a moment of terror, a picture is truly worth 1,000 words.

For photographers, look for the pain points behind why people buy the item. What drives them to want a new smoke alarm? Underlying it all is fear that their family might not be safe if a fire breaks out. How can you show an image that offers the solution?

For business owners, your retail displays should help people understand fully what they’re getting. They won’t spend an hour reading words, but if you add a few well-placed images, you just might capture them so they make a purchase. 

4. Push the Benefits

Photographs can show the benefits of using a product rather than relying on statements alone. Find an influencer and use their image on the retail display. Ask happy customers to have their photo taken showing how they use the item. 

Around 80% of buying decisions are made while consumers are inside a brick-and-mortar store. Photography can encourage customers to seek the solution you offer by showing others utilizing it. 

Gain an Edge

Professional photographers look at the world through the backside of a lens. They have a way of seeing angles and unique compositions that no one else sees. The impact on retail displays is far greater than just a couple of points such as the appearance or boldness. Images tell a story, and story is what makes a brand memorable. 

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