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Whether you’ve found yourself with some extra time on your hands, are looking to bolster your resume, or simply add a new skill, digital animation is an invaluable ability. Although difficult to master, animation is a rewarding experience with an impressive final product. Thankfully, to help you along with this fairly complicated task is Skillshare.

Skillshare is an online learning community, geared towards creative professionals. It offers thousands of classes on a variety of different subjects like graphic design, photography, illustration, creative writing, and even entrepreneurship. And within their thousands of different courses, you’ll find plenty of animations classes with a little something for everyone from newbie graphic designers to seasoned pros. So, check out these 15 animation classes on Skillshare to start your journey today!

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1. Animation for Illustration: Creating Layered GIFs with Photoshop & After Effects

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GIFs are trendy and frequently used on social media, so adding this skill to your resume will be just as profitable in your professional life as it is in your social life. Learn how to animate GIFs with both Photoshop and After Effects from well-known artist, Abbey Lossing.

2. Animation for Illustration: Adding Movement with Procreate & Photoshop

An illustrator at heart, professional artist Libby VanderPloeg teaches you just how to make your illustrations move. This may not be the best place for beginners to start, but if you have some experience with ProCreate and are looking for a new challenge to take on, this is it. Dive right in and get start with this digital animation course.

3. Animating With Ease in After Effects

Calling all beginners! If you’re a designer newbie, just starting to explore the world of motion graphics, this animation Skillshare class is for you. Clear directions and easy-to-follow steps make this the perfect jumping-off point for a green graphic designer. Or, look for more complicated design courses, taught by the same designer, here.

4. How to Make an Animated YouTube Video

YouTube extraordinaire, Evan (PolyMatter) teaches this extremely specific, and much needed SkillShare animation course that takes you through the steps of making an animated YouTube video. Although perfect for small business owners with a limited marketing budget, anyone will benefit from learning this.

5. Rock Out with Character Animation

Learn, from top teacher Jake Bartlett, how to create and animate your very own, personalized character. And, thanks to easily digestible directions, even the most novice beginner can create something completely customized with this course.

6. The Art of Animation: How to Create Lifelike Movement 

Animation expert, Emanuele Colombo teaches this SkillShare animation class targeted at those with some animation experience. It focuses on how to create lifelike movements within your animations for a realistic final product.

7. Introduction to Hand-Drawn Animation With Animatic

Another Jake Barlett special, this course is software-specific and focuses on how to hand animate something with Animatic. If you’ve been using an Ipad or something similar for digital illustrations, this is the perfect course for you.

8. Animation for Graphic Designers: How to Animate a Logo

Again, this class is geared towards folks who already have a decent amount of graphic design experience. It’s taught by motion designer, animator, and filmmaker William Kesling. And, for all those who do have graphic design experience, the value that this simple ability adds to your resume is absolutely priceless.

9. Procreate Animation: Make Fun GIFs & Videos

Procreate is an impressively capable illustration tool. Taught by top teacher and professional product designer, Rich Armstrong, this Skillshare course delves into its capabilities and teaches you how to make animated GIFs and videos.

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10. Intro to 2D Animation

This skillshare course is perfect for anyone interested in learning animation for fun. 2D animation is the most simple and straightforward, and the entire course was designed specifically for beginners, by teacher Jack Grayson. So get in there, and get animating.

11. 3D Animation & Data Visualization in Autodesk Maya

Not only does data visualization help with professional presentations, but it’s also downright impressive. Learn a new skill from experienced professional Lucas Ridely and impress all of your coworkers with this course.

12. Procreate Animation for Illustrators: Create Easy GIFs in Procreate 5

If you’re coming from an illustrator background, this SkillShare course is a great place to start working on your animating skills. It uses a program you likely already have and offers simple direction and clear, easy-to-follow steps. And, who better to teach such a class than professional illustrator and children’s designer, Brooke Glaser.

13. Character Animation: Creating Authentic Facial Expressions in Adobe After Effects

If you’ve got general character animation down and are looking to make your animations more realistic, this course will teach you how to create genuine facial expressions. And, bonus, it’s taught by a BAFTA award-winning designer, Fraser Davidson.

14. Character Animation Basics: Create a Dance Loop with After Effects and Photoshop

Whether it’s your first time playing around with After Effects, or you’re simply looking to hone your skills, this animation course will teach you exactly how to make a dance loop with After Effects and Photoshop. Learn from professional designer Bee Grandinetti, right from the comfort of your own home.

15. Simple Character Animation: Create a Walk Cycle

Another simple, and straightforward digital tutorial, from Fraser Davidson, with a pleasing outcome. This Skillshare animation course walks you through every step you need to take to create a basic walk cycle.

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