Top 7 Video Templates for Professional Intros

Top 7 Video Templates for Professional Intros

In the digital world, ‘professional’ is a definite look. It’s tidy, it’s uncluttered, it’s easily understood. Ultimately, it’s a representation of you or your business.

So, what happens when you’re putting a business slideshow, animation or video together? Do you hope that you’ve put enough time aside to absolutely encapsulate everything your brand is about? Or do you take a helping hand from specialist designers to whom clean business lines and a sharp professional look comes naturally?

If you want to concentrate on driving your business forward – without having to worry that you’re cutting corners on your branding and design work, take a glance through this list of outstanding After Effects templates, with a little adjustment, there’s likely to be something that’ll wow potential clients – wherever industry you’re in. Special thanks to Burst for the cover image from ISO Republic.

Minimalist Corporate Presentation – Anastasia Design

creative agency ae template

Anastasia Design’s Minimalist Corporate Presentation template does exactly as it promises – delivering an image-driven series of graphics and slides that can be easily matched to your brand. The clean lines really will stand up against any professional corporate branding you’ll find.

A variety of transitions and text effects keep a solid format looking fresh from slide to slide – and each image can be replaced with video if you’d like to liven things up even more.

With the included help video and placeholder FilterGrade logo, you can start dropping your own branding in quickly and have a sharp looking intro video in no time.

Click here for the template →

Clean Slideshow Template – Minna Picture

If you’d like to disrupt the idea of clean corporate lines and pin-stripe style formality a little, Minna Picture’s Clean Slideshow Template is perfect.

At a glance, the template looks like it’s putting a rotating lens across the top of your images – and is an interesting and innovative way to keep eyes on the important parts of your product or service catalogue.

Editing to suit your needs is as simple as dropping images in and editing the text layers – and, when you do, you’ve got a dynamic and exciting looking video with a series of transitions that’ll keep even the driest topic looking appealing to the eye!

Click here for the template →

Beautiful Things Promo – Enchanted Studios

beautiful things promo template for after effects

Set to the right music, Enchanted’s Beautiful Things Promo template is guaranteed to keep eyes on your presentation.

Although the template was originally put together with creative individuals and industries in mind, with more and more companies looking for a slightly more contemporary feel for their promo videos and intros, it translates exceptionally well into the world of business.

The modular structure of the template makes it simple to drop your own text and images into place – and the striking slide transitions make for an almost hypnotic end product.

Click here for the template →

3Motional Neo New Corporate Titles Pack – 3Motional

Sometimes, simple colors and your existing branding is enough to do the talking – and, with 3Motional’s Neo New Corporate Titles Pack, you’ve got 30 different opportunities to wow your audience with clean, on-brand simplicity.

Pick from a range of tidy little animations – and then splice them into your presentations to give a sharp corporate look – absolutely ideal if you’re looking to bring some life to a facing-your-audience interview/presentation set up.

Click here for the template →

Real Estate Promotional Video – Minna Picture

real estate promotional video template

If you work in the real estate business, then you know that your product has to be centre-stage at all times – and with Minna Picture’s Real Estate Promotional Video template, that’s exactly what you get.

Where some companies will benefit from high-design, real estate often needs people to have their focus pointed firmly at the product – so the simple, clean designs and animations here are perfectly suited to the task at hand.

The modular structure of the template and the ability to quickly drop videos and images into place make this ideal for presenting anything from new homes and residential developments – all the way through the industrial complexes and large commercial properties – in whatever capacity you work with them.

Click here for the template →

Chroma Squares – Enchanted Studios

Chroma Squares Slideshow Template for Adobe After Effects

In a world where many brands rely on just a small handful of colors and sharp logos that make them stand out from the crowd, there’s a lot to be said for sailing against the wind and bringing a lot of color and vibrancy to your brand. If that’s what you’re planning to do, Enchanted’s Chroma Squares template does the trick perfectly.

Chroma is a mosaic style slideshow that seamlessly walks your viewer through a gallery or portfolio. Drag your own images in and you’ve got an energetic presentation that’s likely to bring some life and interest to an often otherwise greyscale corporate world.

With 48 placeholders for images and video – as well as 27 text spots – your portfolio is likely to run out before Chroma confines you!

Click here for the template →

Website Demo Presentation – Anastasia Design

It’s sometimes difficult to present your own brand when your specialize in bringing other people’s brand to life – but, with Anastasia’s Website Demo Presentation, you can showcase a world of client work without losing your unique look.

The template offers a beautiful presentation space in which you can drop your portfolio work – as well as mixing up the color schemes and photo/video placeholders. The slides offer a variety of ways to present your work too – so, if you’d like to show off how your work looks sitting on a smartphone or tablet, you can – just as easily as you can showcase full desktop sites and interfaces.

Click here for the template →

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