Free Mobile Presets Roundup: 15+ Amazing Free Downloads

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Roundup

Free mobile presets you can download right away! In this roundup, we feature 15+ amazing free downloads from photographers and creative studios. All you need is a compatible mobile device and the Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iOS or Android.

The perfect effects for getting started with the Lightroom CC mobile app. You can find free mobile presets for travel photography, portraits, food photos, landscapes, and more below. Looking for more? Check out all mobile presets on FilterGrade.

How to Install Mobile Presets

Installing mobile DNG presets requires a few specific steps depending on how you download the files and whether you receive a .zip or just the .dng files. Watch our helpful tutorial and guide below for a full explanation on installing presets with Lightroom Mobile.

Top Free Mobile Presets

1. FREE ‘ Lucia’ Lightroom Presets (Mobile + Desktop) by Matt Moloney


This free pack of mobile presets was created by Matt Moloney and includes 10 unique Lightroom Presets compatible with both your mobile device and your desktop! Find 8 different color presets and 2 black and white variations to help spice up your summer portrait edits.

Download the FREE ‘Lucia’ Lightroom Presets Here →

2. Greece Free Preset (DESKTOP + MOBILE) by Ollivves

greece free preset by ollivves

A gorgeous and custom effect for both mobile and desktop travel photos. Inspired by Greece and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Created by Ollivves.

Download Greece Free Preset →

3. Free Orange and Teal Mobile Lightroom Presets

free orange and teal mobile presets

Handcrafted collection of custom orange and teal mobile effects from CreativeUltra. Features three .dng mobile presets and three .lrtemplate desktop presets. Add clean effects in one single click.

Download Free Orange and Teal Presets →

4. Free Rose Mobile Lightroom Presets

free rose mobile preset

Soft rose and red effects for Lightroom. This beautiful preset is made for portraits, engagement and wedding photos, senior pics, and more. Made by CreativeTacos.

Download Free Rose Preset →

5. Free Mobile DNG Preset Positano

free mobile preset dng

“Positano” custom minimal DNG preset for mobile portrait photographers. Add soft shadows and a warm glow to your subject with this freebie from

Download LR Mobile Positano →

6. FREE ‘Olivia’ Lightroom Presets (MOBILE + DESKTOP)


Add quick, one-click edits with these FREE ‘Olivia’ Lightroom Presets from FilterGrade. In this pack, there are 5 free mobile presets and 5 free desktop presets that are perfect for editing summertime portraits!

Download the FREE ‘Olivia’ Lightroom Presets Here →

7. Free Insta Blogger Mobile and Desktop LR Presets

free insta blogger mobile presets

Custom insta-inspired effects for bloggers and creative influencers. Get a consistent look for your feed with these free presets by CreativeTacos.

Download Insta Blogger from CreativeTacos →

8. Free Portrait Fashion Mobile and Desktop LR Preset

free portrait fashion mobile preset

From CreativeTacos: “Free Portrait Fashion Lightroom Preset contain bright and modern filter with a burst of tone and mood to give your photos a great feel. This preset is design to look great with a wide variety of images and will be able to get a great result with a single click. This preset will help amateur and professional photographers to make their fashion, portrait wedding, bloggers, influences, lifestyle photography, travel, vacation, food photography, and great choice for almost any kind of photography.”

Download Free Portrait Fashion Mobile Preset →

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9. Free Mobile DNG Preset Landscape

free mobile dng landscape preset

LR Mobile Landscape custom preset for mobile landscape photographers. Brighten light and enhance colors on your nature and adventure shots with mobile devices using this epic freebie from

Download Free Mobile DNG Preset Landscape →

10. FREE Beauty & Makeup Lightroom Presets (Mobile+ Desktop)

free beauty presets mobile

Free beauty and makeup mobile presets, also compatible with the desktop versions of Lightroom! Edit your fashion and style photos with these free presets.

Download the FREE Beauty and Makeup Presets Here →

11. Max Libertine Free Film Look Mobile Presets

Free film styles for Lightroom Mobile from professional fashion photographer Max Libertine! Get three free samples with the link below and check out the full film presets bundle here. Click the link below for an instant download.

Download the Max Libertine Free Film Look Mobile Presets →

12. 5 Free Instagram Lightroom CC Presets

free instagram lightroom cc presets

Custom Instagram inspired filters from SparkleStock. Get five free effects with retro and vintage tones! They’re compatible with Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC Mobile for (iOS, Android, and web).

Download 5 Free Instagram Lightroom CC Presets →

13. Free Mobile Lightroom Presets from Helene in Between

Free Mobile Presets from Helene in Between

An amazing pack of custom photo filters for Lightroom Mobile from Helene in Between: “This is one of my most requested tools to use for bloggers, photographers, and Instagram users. These presets are 100% free to download and use any way you see fit. I think these work particularly well for your Instagram photos. Simply download Lightroom for free on your smartphone and apply your favorite presets.”

Download Helene in Between Free Mobile Presets →

14. Alison Plueckhahn Free Mobile Preset

Alison Plueckhahn Free Mobile Preset

A custom free preset from Alison Plueckhahn! Read more from Alison: “I heard you loud and clear—editing your iPhone photos is hard! That’s why I decided to make one of my favorite iPhone editing presets available to you for free. Just enter your name and email address below, and you can download my free Lightroom Mobile preset (no Lightroom subscription required!).”

Download Alison Plueckhahn Free Mobile Preset →

15. Free – Warm Enrich Mobile Lightroom Preset

free enrich mobile preset

Beautiful free mobile preset from Presets Galore. Read more from the creator: “Enrich is designed to give your photos a warm, highly detailed and high-contrast result. The effect mimics HDR (high dynamic range) photography and add a flattering warm glow. Bring out detail in freckles, skin texture, architecture, street photography and more.”

Download Free Warm Enrich Mobile Preset →

16. Free Iridescent Jade Mobile Lightroom Preset

free jade mobile preset

Another gorgeous free preset for lifestyle blogger photos with mobile devices, created by Presets Galore. Read more: “Iridescent Jade gives a deep Jade green tone to your photos as well as a film-like finish.”

Download Free Iridescent Jade Mobile Preset →

17. Lisa Homsy Boardwalk Free Mobile Preset

boardwalk free mobile preset from lisa homsy

Boardwalk free custom photo filter from Lisa Homsy, compatible with Lightroom Mobile. This preset is perfect for tropical travel themes and beach lifestyle photos. View the Lisa Homsy Travel Essential Presets.

Download Lisa Homsy Boardwalk Free Mobile Preset →

18. 10 Free Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets for Classic & Mobile

dark moody mobile presets

Mysterious dark and and moody Lightroom Presets, get 10 for free with this amazing freebie download from Psdstack. Great for lifestyle and folk photography, outdoors, nature, and portraits. Compatible with Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile!

Download Free Dark & Moody Presets →

19. Free Moody Mobile Lightroom Preset

free moody mobile presets

A free bundle of moody mobile Lightroom presets by CreativeTacos. Read more: “Free Moody Mobile Lightroom Preset will help you create moody look effects and enhance features, to create beautiful edits in your portraits with just in one click. You use use this for weddings, travelers, bloggers, engagements and elopements, portrait, fine art photography, fashion, lifestyle, landscape, street photography, outdoor and indoor photography and pretty much all creative photography.”

Download Free Moody Mobile Lightroom Preset →

20. Free Potter Mobile Preset by Daniel Horvath

potter free mobile preset

A custom free Potter Preset for Lightroom Mobile from photographer Daniel Horvath. Add a magical and cinema like effect to your portraits and night-time photos.

Download Free Potter Mobile Preset →

Want even more Mobile Presets?!

Shop thousands of custom mobile presets on FilterGrade. Discover amazing effects from professional photographers, created for travel photography, portraits, and more! Sort by cheap presets here.

Browse Mobile Presets on FilterGrade →

mobile presets for sale on FilterGrade

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