What is Triller? Social Video App for Creators

What is Triller? Music Video Sharing App

It seems as though there is always a new platform coming out to share your content. Many of these platforms dwindle down and quickly fall off the radar just as quickly as they came about, but influencers and hopeful users still jump on board just in case it takes off.

Social media platforms are constantly evolving to allow users more freedom for sharing various content of many forms. Videos; however, tend to be difficult to create and customize on most mainstream platforms. There are often strict limitations on the music that can be playing, and how long these videos can be if it does have music. While some apps like TikTok have popped up to let users create videos, another network has been flying under the radar for the past few years.  Today, we’re going to be taking a look at another fun, music video editing app – Triller

What exactly is Triller?

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Triller is a fun and unique social platform where users can create and share their own music video creations. It is a mobile app that allows you to choose a song, lip-sync, and create a catchy video to a selection of that song. Videos are usually around 15 seconds long and you can edit, then share it with other users and on other platforms. 

Not only is Triller just a fun way to create videos it exposes you to a wide range of new songs and music genres. Not to mention it is widely used by some of the most popular artists in the world including Wiz Khalifa, Alicia Keys, Chance the Rapper, Mariah Carey, and many others. Their recent funding round was led by some heavyweights in the music world, and it appears that Triller has some serious plans to compete with TikTok.

How to Use Triller

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You can download the Triller app through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once you have it installed on your phone you can create an account. From there you simply select the video creation options, browse through the many artist and song titles, and select the one you want. You can then go to a specific point in the song to create your video around. Once you have recorded your video, you can edit it and add filters. Then, simply publish your video on the Triller platform. 

You can also download the video and upload them to other social media accounts. 

You can collaborate with other Triller users as well. This allows you to combine your video clips into one creation. You can share your clips with friends and then edit them together and share on the platform.

Triller allows you to set up an account as either a user or a creator. Users can create videos, share their videos, and browse through other profiles to see what others have created. As a creator, you set up an account with crowdfunding features. You can set a goal to raise money for a specific cause, most creators are raising money to pay for college! You collect Gold which you can then convert to Gems which is then used to keep track of the money you have raised.

Every Triller user can purchase Gold to donate to content creators, but not every user can set up a crowdfunding goal to raise money.

Triller and the Influencer

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Triller offers influencers a unique way to show the world who they are by creating entertaining videos. Aside from being able to stand out amongst other influencers, the recent crowdfunding feature helps you monetize on your video creations. You can set a goal and fans, brands, and music labels can donate to your goal. 

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Triller for Marketing

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Brands looking to tap into the Triller audience to showcase their brand can seek out influencers to help “promote” products in the videos they create. Triller provides brands with a unique platform to gain more exposure. Just as with any other social media platform, you can find influencers already showing off your products in the videos they create or find influencers whose personalities are a match for your brand. 

You can also create Triller Challenges. These challenges allow all Triller users to create their own unique video with guidelines. You create a unique hashtag for each challenge so you can easily track submission and if you want, award a prize for the best submission. Triller challenges are an easy way to get fans engaged more and increase your brand identity in a fun and effortless way. 

Triller is one of the most downloaded apps for mobile users. It is a unique and fun platform that many can take advantage of. Anyone can create easy to share video compilation. Those who want to bring in a small income from their content creation can utilize the thriller monetization option to raise money. 

Additionally, brands should be more aware of how powerful an influencer on Triller can have to gain more exposure and reach a wider audience through this innovative platform. Want to learn more about Triller? Go here or download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get started today!

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