7 Powerful Tools Marketers Can Use to Create Social Media Graphics

Powerful Tools Markets Can Use to Create Social Media Graphics

Social media marketing is a useful and cost-effective way you can drive more traffic to your website or promote your brand. With the right imagery, you can get even more engagement.

If you don’t have Photoshop, Affinity Design, or another professional program, online image editors are a great resource for designing these types of graphics.

Below we’ve gathered 7 powerful tools for creating social media graphics and designs. All of the tools have free options to get you started with and premium versions for more advanced users.

1. Canva

canva social media graphics tool

Canva is a free tool you can use to create social media graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Free access includes over 100 layouts for you to try.

With Canva you can create Facebook Covers, quotes and inspirational posts, Twitter Banners, Pinterest Graphics, Youtube Channel Art, and Twitch cover photos. You can also create interesting graphics for your blog posts and stories.

2. Adobe Spark

adobe spark social media

Adobe Spark is a ‘graphic creator for eye-catching imagery’. Using Spark you can size your images for each social media platform, choose from themes for different articles and posts, use custom fonts, and then download, print, and/or share your graphic.

Spark is perfect for creating Facebook covers, Twitter headers, posters, websites, blog images, and IG posts.

3. Snappa

snappa social media image creator

Snappa is a tool that lets you sse templates, high-res photos, and graphics to make professional looking social media images. Built for non-designers and beginners, Snappa is a great starting point when you are trying to create a brand identity and aligned look for your business.

4. Shutterstock Editor

shutterstock editor for photos and designs

Shutterstock Editor is a free online photo editor and graphic design application for creating social media graphics, blog images, promotions, and more.

Editor features high quality images and vectors for your designs. Then you can edit and adjust your images to create a social media graphic. Editor also allows import of logos and brand assets for a customized design.

5. Poster My Wall

poster my wall social media

Poster My Wall is a social media tool with hundreds of templates and free downloads for creating images. Poster My Wall has templates for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social networks.

The graphics are professionally designed to ‘boost engagement for your business and drive traffic to your website’.

6. Venngage

venngage social media tool

Venngage allows you to create highly engaging social media graphics. Venngage has a more business focused approach and gives you tools to add charts, maps, text, icons, images, and frames to your designs.

You can design custom graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest in minutes with Venngage.

7. Crello

crello social media graphic design online tool

Crello is an online image editor for social media graphics.

There is a simple four step process to using Crello. First choose a preset size for your design. Next pick a template that best suits your design taste. Then customize it and add your own photos, unique fonts, text, and designs. Finish by saving a JPEG, PNG, transparent PNG, or PFF format design for your social media post.

crello templates online image editor

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3 Replies to “7 Powerful Tools Marketers Can Use to Create Social Media Graphics”

  1. Shilpi says:

    Very useful list Mike.

    I have been using Canva for a long time and it works like a charm.

    I wasn’t aware of Snappa and Crello and will definitely check them out.

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Shilpi! I mainly use Photoshop from familiarity, but these tools are so impressive. And most are completely free to start!

  2. Vlad says:

    Great list Mike. I tried all the tools as they all are great alternatives for Photoshop, very easy to use. Recently, I discovered Pixteller and started to use their editor as they let you create motion for any element of your design. Something that Canva for example only has some presets.

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