Top 5 After Effects Templates for Creating Intro Videos

top intro templates for after effects

Want to hear a statistic that’ll impress any marketer or business owner?

Brands that use video marketing grow their year-on-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t.

Now do you want to hear a frightening statistic?

Video viewers will begin clicking away from your video within 5 seconds if they lose interest – or believe your video won’t provide the information they’re looking for.

Moral of the story? The first few seconds of your intro video count for a lot.

Since the stakes are so high – you’d be crazy not to put some serious effort into making those first few seconds of video absolutely count. Here are 5 After Effects templates that’ll do exactly that:

Stylish Simple Opener – by mdlabdesign

stylish simple opener ae template

Mdlabdesign’s Stylish Simple Opener offers 55+ seconds of unique motion graphics; and it does it in an array of beautiful rainbow colors and light effects.

Although easy to use, the template is graphically complex – you can be forgiven for missing elements even after two or three views of the example. Of course, in this setting, graphically complex is a feast for the eyes, with combinations of transitions and simple-but-effective glitch effects that never seem to repeat or follow a pattern.

The result? A captivating template that you’ll struggle to take your eyes off.

Click here for the template →

Stylish Event Promo – by Anastasia Design

event promo ae template from anastasia design

Anastasia Design’s Stylish Event Promo template grabs your gaze with a 4-panel video montage then continues to keep your attention with a series of split screens and overlays as a bed for bold, unmissable text.

If you’re promoting an event, show, pop-up or expo, the template’s a dream-come-true – creating attractive space for schedules, running orders, locations and much more.

Stylish Event Promo is simple to use too, drop your own company logos and branding into place – and you’ll soon have an ultra-cool, clean and expressive video that holds your potential attendee’s eyes.

Click here for the template →

Big Business Promo – by Enchanted Studios

big business promo

In case you hadn’t already noticed, Enchanted’s Big Business Promo template is about as ‘in your face’ as you can get – and it looks incredible for it.

A combination of full-size images, loud colors, enormous text and snappy (and fully customizable) transitions create a template that it’s difficult to ignore. Run it on a big screen at your corporate event, expo or show and you can guarantee heads will turn – especially as it lends itself to a high-pace rhythm that would combine fantastically with a strong beat.

Short of a natural disaster occurring as it plays, there’s likely to be nothing that’ll pull your customer’s attention away from this bold, striking template.

Click here for the template →

Clean Logo Reveal – by Minna Picture

minna picture after effects template

Although it’s a contrast to the Big Business Promo above – Minna Picture’s ‘Clean Logo Reveal’ brings a lot to the table – albeit in a slightly less dramatic fashion.

The reality is, your brand might not need striking transitions, rhythms and colours – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be vying for your customer’s attention. With Clean Logo Reveal, you’ll be able to choose from 4 unique reveal animations – each eye-catching and colorful enough to command your attention.

A big feather in the cap for this template is quite how simple it makes it to create outstanding results. Drop your logo in, adjust the text as needed, customize the colors – and that’s it, an animated logo reveal that tees up your video in exactly the right way.

Click here for the template →

Spliced Angular Slideshow – by Enchanted Studios

spliced angular slideshow gif demo

Enchanted’s ‘Spliced’ template immediately jumps out of the screen thanks to its disruptively angled stance – and, as the name suggests, a series of spliced text reveals.

Although coming with unconventional lines, Spliced lends itself just as well to a contemporary brand as it does a clean corporate presentation – largely because the full-size images can reflect any message you wish. In short – it’s stunning, however you plan to use it.

The template is exceptionally well organized, so it makes dropping in your own brand’s images, logos and colour schemes a real walk in the park – and there are enough slide designs to easily put together a 60 second+ design without ever repeating a combination of image/text effects and transitions.

Click here for the template →

The final word…

Video engagement works on an upward sliding scale. The longer you can keep someone watching, the greater the chance that they’ll then convert by taking your desired action or next step. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why, even after you’ve captured your audience’s eyes – it’s important to keep them glued to the screen.

It’s worth considering how much a conversion is worth to you and your business – because even if that figure is low, a good After Effects template will pay for itself time and time and time again…

Cover photo by Samuel Zeller. Follow @zellersamuel on Instagram for more.

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