How to Best Utilize Branded Videos on Your Company Website

How to Best Utilize Branded Videos on Your Company Website

You already understand how impactful video can be as part of your marketing strategy. Making sure your videos are branded and reflect your values and goals for your company requires a bit more diligence and effort.

The number of people viewing branded video content has increased by 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube in recent years. People understand businesses drive the content they view, and they’re okay with you promoting your name as long as you provide value for them.

Social media isn’t the only place to share your footage, though. There are many ways to utilize brand videos on your company website. Figuring out how best to mesh everything and make your videos available to your core audience is the key to success.

1. Showcase Your Customers

Think about what you offer to your customers and how you make their lives better. Be careful you don’t segue into just trying to sell your products. The goal is to introduce people to your fascinating clients. What makes them unique? Make the film about the person, and tell a story.

ymca website showcase video example

The YMCA offers insight into the types of people they serve. They provide a series of videos highlighting some of the youth in their organization. Instead of just having the clients talk about the Y, they talk about specific stories, such as how they aren’t afraid of water or how they are different and have learned to embrace their unique qualities.

The clips tell a story about each person. While each short is unique, it has one thing in common. The children’s lives were enriched in some way by the YMCA. They devote an entire page to the videos.

2. Choose a Theme

Some of the best branded videos center around a concept the brand’s audience is interested in. You won’t outright promote your brand in the video, but you’ll show you’re an expert in the industry.

An example might be a local plumber who shares tips about laying out the rooms in your house so running plumbing costs less or considers future additions to the home. A local beauty supply store might create videos of what colors look best on different skin tones.

3. Use a Hero Header

You can also place your video in your hero header on your site. People on your page know the video is essential and shares information they need to know. Have the video play when the person lands on your page, or include a button they click to start the footage.

hero header example website

Line 5 added a video to their hero header, and there are two calls to action buttons overlaid on top. Visitors can choose “Watch Video” or “Pay My Bill.” If the user decides to watch the clip, it appears in a pop-up window.

4. Explain a Process

Do you sell something that’s complicated to use? If you get numerous questions after a sale, you may want to include some instructional videos on your site. While this crosses the line a little into promotional territory, you can still keep the direction general enough to help almost anyone.

Think about the most common issues people call customer service about. Can you solve the problem in a video? Explainer videos should be on your support page or in a FAQ area.

5. Give the Inside Scoop

Don’t just try to sell your product in every video you put out. People are genuinely interested in who you are as a brand. Sharing your story and what makes you and your products unique will help create more loyal customers.

purple mattress website

Purple offers mattresses that are a bit outside the traditional industry. The video on their landing page talks about why they started the company, and why the materials are unique, and gives an inside look into how their factory operates. While it isn’t an outright sales video, it does intrigue the user about the item.

6. Stand Out From Competitors

There are around 1.8 billion websites, although not all are active at the same time. If you want to grab users’ attention, you need something fresh and compelling. Videos tell a story with fewer words. People tend to remember the content in them longer than text alone.

Look at what videos your competitors use to promote their brand. How can you be different? What stories can you tell that they don’t? Should you consider user-generated content for some of your videos? Think outside the box.

7. Tap Into User Emotions

Videos have the power to create intense emotions in the viewer. If you tell a story your audience can relate to, you’ll likely tap into their feelings and make a lasting impression.

Think about what your typical customer already experiences. What is the pain point driving them to your site in the first place? How can you answer their concerns in video format?

take note website

If you want to walk away blubbering like a baby, watch the above video from Take Note. They tap into the deeper reasons people write notes to each other by following a love story from beginning to end. It’s a poignant tale that highlights note-writing without coming out and pushing a specific product. We aren’t crying. You’re crying!

Be Inventive

Don’t be afraid to try new things with your branded videos. The goal is to stand out and be unique. Share your quirky side, explain what your core values are, and dig into why you started the brand in the first place. Try new things, and your video may just go viral.

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