10 Tips for Marketing During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

10 Tips for Marketing During Black Friday and Cyber Monday - FilterGrade

Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season and each year it seems like the deals start earlier and run longer. With cyber Monday following just a few short days after, businesses are getting more and more creative with their marketing plans to bring in more customers and break sales records. With many advanced tools, features, and technology, standing out with your marketing strategy can be easier than ever before. If you are looking for some new innovative ways to get eyes on your store, whether online or in-person, you want to try some of these tips to promote your Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers and ensure your ready for the amount of traffic these tips can generate!

10 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Tips

1. Create a Countdown

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There are a number of ways you can use countdown leading up to Black Friday and throughout the shopping weekend. Countdowns can let shoppers know when discounts will take place. You can also use them to build up anticipation for when a new deal will be announced or how much time they have left to take advantage of special offers. They are easy to create and can be used on your website, social media platforms and mention in social stories. Countdowns are an ideal way to promote a sense of urgency for shoppers so they don’t miss out on a one-time savings. 

2. Inspire Shoppers with a Gift Guide

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Gift guides are an ideal way to help and encourage shoppers to find the perfect gift for someone on their shopping lists and gives them the opportunity to take advantage of Black Friday deals. Gift guides not only inspire shoppers to think of different products to purchase they are an ideal way to highlight some of your most popular products. Gift guides can be used multiple ways in your marketing strategy form writing blog posts, videos featuring products or by influencers revealing to their audience what gifts they are looking at purchasing for someone on their holiday list.

3. Cater your Deals

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Offer an array of deals that cater to your specific audience members. Create VIP deals for those who on your mailing list, send out special offers on specific products you know a selection of your target audience would be interested in. Provide influencers with promo codes. There are many ways you can cater your deals that speak directly to your diverse audience and the more directly you speak to them the more interested they will be in your offers. 

4. Omnichannel

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Omnichannel marketing allows you to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. This approach gives your customers the option to shop online or visit a local store and find what they expect to find. Using this to your advantage during the busy shopping season can convert more sales. You can provide customers with a better shopping experience when you utilize omnichannel marketing in a variety of ways. You can include location-based services that helps customers find their nearest retailer. You can also set up personal chat services that allow customers to connect to a consultant to answer their questions and find the perfect product that meets their needs. 

5. Offer Different Deals for Black Friday through Cyber Monday

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A big mistake businesses make is having the same deals throughout the shopping weekend and on Cyber Monday. You want to treat each of the shopping days individually to encourage shoppers to take advantage of the day and not just one. By creating a different set of deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday you are more likely to increase sales. 

6. Connect with Influencers

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Influencer marketing is becoming a huge focus on promoting Black Friday and seasonal deals. Influencers tend to make deeper connections with their audience and therefore, are looked at as more trustworthy than traditional advertisements. Influencers can help generate more anticipation, excitement, and conversion during the holiday season. You can work closely with a number of influencers to promote products and special offers. 

7. Hourly Deals

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You can increase sales by offering different hourly deals throughout the day on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This will encourage shoppers to keep checking in to what you have to offer and can result in more sales. Use a countdown to let shoppers know when a new deal will go into effect and build up the anticipation by giving out a teaser or hints of what the next deal may be focused on. 

8. Free Offers

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You can easily include free offers or gifts to those who participate in your black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. These can be done in a number of ways such as for purchases made by a certain time or that met a spending amount. Free offers are a great way to give away popular items that are low cost to ship and that tend to be easily restocked. Be creative with your free offers and make them enticing enough that shoppers want to spend the required amount to get the free gift. 

9. Include New Items

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Black Friday and cyber Monday deals shouldn’t just be on existing products shoppers can get at any time. You want to include some new items that they haven’t seen yet. You can also offer new product deals and increase the urgency of buying during the busy shopping weekend by only making it available at that time. 

10. Be Unique

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Just about every business is going to be taking advantage of the busy shopping weekend, and those that don’t still generate intrigue by out of the box thinking. If you want your deals and products to get more attention you need your marketing strategy to be attention-grabbing. Think of what makes your brand unique and what makes the customer experience more enjoyable. Focus not just on the deals but the whole experience to generate more interest during the busy shopping season.

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