10 Traits of Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

10 Traits of Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly. About 90 percent of consumers indicate video helps them make a buying decision, and 64 percent state a view makes them more likely to purchase the product or service.

What creates a successful video marketing campaign versus a lackluster campaign? You may not have a large marketing budget like some of the large brands do, but your videos can still grab attention and drive conversions.

Learn how to drive sales through videos and attract attention by studying what other brands do well. Here are 10 traits of a successful video marketing campaign.

1. Speak to an Audience

The best videos know the audience they’re targeting and speak directly to the needs and emotions of that audience. Successful videos are highly relevant to the people they’re trying to reach.

Before speaking to an audience, you must know your audience inside and out. Study internal analytics and get to know your typical customer, so your videos are on target.

2. Keep Videos Short

People are busy. They don’t have endless hours to listen to your sales pitch — you shouldn’t be pitching your product outright anyway. Keep your videos short and to the point. Focus on one central point at a time.

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playstation media video campaigns

PlayStation offers trailers and promotional videos on their YouTube channel. Although the types of games vary, the videos remain short and show highlights from the game. In the screenshot above, the trailer highlights Train Sim World, using images to entice potential players.

Did you know that 58% of people like video content and want more of it… But 81% admit to skimming through some videos they watch. Keep videos clear and concise to win new customers over and intrigue people.

3. Find Your Voice

What voice does your brand have? Voice branding ties into the perception people have of your brand. Research shows users prefer audio and listen to radio content for several hours each day.

We live in a vocal world, using speech recognition with our homes and our smartphone devices. The voice of your brand becomes vital amidst all the noise of daily living. To be heard above all that noise, you need a unique and consistent tone.

4. Choose a Catchy Headline

More than likely, you’ll put your videos on a streaming service, such as YouTube or Vimeo. The traffic on these sites is massive, with YouTube alone projected at 1.86 billion visitors monthly by 2021. Take advantage of some of that traffic by coming up with a headline that grabs viewers’ attention.

Think of some of the headlines you’ve seen online. What is it about the title that makes you want to click on the link and read the article? Your video needs the same hook to grab readers and make them click on your video instead of all the others out there.

5. Educate the Audience

A big part of driving need for your product or service is educating your audience on why they need what you have to offer. If you run a service business, the look of your informative video may be a bit different from a company’s that sell products — a topic like home repair is much more expansive than selling a single product such as a kitchen knife.

rand fishkin, founder of MOZ

Moz features countless educational videos on their YouTube channel, many from their well-known founder, Rand Fishkin.

The videos draw in thousands of views each and focus on topics that matter to their topic audience. For example, “Whiteboard Fridays” feature an expert who explains a concept, such as project management or search engine ranking.

Not only are the educational videos helpful to the audience, but having a recognizable expert on the topic who engaged heavily with the audience helped grow Moz’s viewership even faster.

6. Understand Your Value Proposition

Every video needs a unique selling proposition (USP). Before creating a video, understand the value you’re offering the consumer. The best educational video in the world won’t convert into sales if you don’t present the idea of how your product or service makes the consumer’s life better.

What is unique about your product, and how does it improve the life of your customers? The answer doesn’t have to be complicated, but you do have to present it clearly.

7. Ask for Feedback

Before filming your video, go to your current customers for feedback. Discover what they love about your product and what their concerns were before buying. Armed with this knowledge, you can tap into potential customers’ worries and ease their minds.

8. Add a Call to Action (CTA)

Just as a webpage or ad needs a call to action, so does your video. Studies show 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. They’re ready to buy — you just have to ask them to make the purchase.

The CTA works best at the end of the video after you’ve presented your value proposition and explained how the product improves the lives of those who purchase it. Once the consumer understands how the product works and why they should buy it, your CTA becomes a powerful selling tool.

9. Create Powerful Testimonials

You already know that testimonials are a powerful selling tool with an huge effectiveness rating. Instead of merely adding print testimonials to your website, why not create video testimonials showing your favorite customers? The videos give your top customers a little extra exposure and show other potential clients how happy current customers are with your services.

10. Include a URL

Add your website URL to your video, so users don’t just watch the video and float away into cyberspace. They’ve viewed your fantastic video and are ready to take action, but they have to see an easy way to take that action. Use your description area to add an active link to your website.

Finding Video Marketing Success

Finding success with video marketing doesn’t require an extensive advertising budget or a professional videographer. If you pay attention to the small details that make a video work and keep your target audience in mind, people will respond to you. Be sure to track which videos are most successful for you so you can repeat those efforts and slowly improve your videos over time.

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