15 Gimbal Movement Tutorials

15 Gimbal Movement Tutorials - FilterGrade

Gimbals. They’re an essential tool for any videographer, from the aspiring YouTuber to professional photographers. Gimbals are a relatively affordable and easily portable piece of equipment that’s impressively revolutionary. Giving the user the ability for stabilized motion capture, they have set a new bar for what can be done on a budget. With a gimbal, a single person can accomplish a task that would have previously required multiple operators and a lot of heavy cameras. 

Adding a gimbal to your kit is a no-brainer, but learning exactly how to use them to achieve your dream shot can be tricky. Here are 15 gimbal movement tutorials that cover everything from the most basic of shots to the trickiest of title sequences. 

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13 Essential Gimbal Movements

This video quickly goes over 13 different gimbal movements. It’s the perfect place to start exploring different methods, and it will allow you to determine what the best way to for you to use the gimbal is. Again, this video is great for beginners, so if you’re experienced with your gimbal, just skip on ahead. 

Smooth Movements Without Expensive Gimbals 

If you’re just starting out with a gimbal, chances are you didn’t splurge on an unfamiliar purchase. You can still achieve beautiful, cinematic effects with a more affordable gimbals, but it might take a little extra know-how. This video will provide you with all the know-how you need. 

The Best Way to Use a Gimbal

You can never be too informed, especially if you’re venturing into uncharted territory. This gimbal movement tutorial provides more background on how to use the gimbal and leaves you with some tips for smooth movements. 

Gimbal Movements: Learn the Basics

This gimbal movement tutorial is essential for photographers and videographers who are just getting acquainted with a new gimbal. It provides general information about how the gimbal works and introduces you to some basic movements. 

20 Ways to Use Your Gimbal 

Filled with creative tips and unique tricks, gimbal users of all experience levels can find something to learn from here. There are a lot of different ways to use a gimbal, why not explore them all?

10 Gimble Moves for Beginners

Every gimbal user should have an arsenal of movements that they feel confident using. This gimbal movement tutorial covers 10 basic moves that every beginner should have under their belt. 

Top 5 Gimbal Moves to Get You Hired 

If you’re a freelancer working on travel, corporate, and commercial projects ( or any subject under the same vein) this video is for you. It’s an easy to follow tutorial on 5 gimbal movements that will help you land the job. 

10 Gimbal Moves to Get Awesome Footage

Just having a gimbal isn’t enough to get great footage. Not for the inexperienced, this video skips the basics and delves right into some creative gimbal movements that will help you obtain impressive videos on a tight budget. 

Most Cinematic Gimbal Moves

And speaking of tight budgets, if you want cinematic quality shots from your gimbal, this is the video for you. It features several different movements ranging in difficulty and complexity. 

10 Unique Gimbal Movements 

When you have all the basics covered and you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of the beginner techniques, it’s time to start trying to stand out. Here are 10 extremely unique gimbal movements to try. 

12 Creative & Professional Gimbal Moves to Up Your Game

This quick and concise video is a great place to start if you are trying to expand your skills and elevate your craft. Learn new gimbal movements and make yourself, and your work, stand out. 

Tell A Better Story with Gimbal Movements 

Photography and videography are all about telling a story. And, regardless of what that story may be, you want to tell it to the best of your abilities. This gimbal movement tutorial covers several different ways to use your gimbal to be a better storyteller. 

Gimbal Moves for Auto Photography

This video claims to help you learn how to make any car look epic, using just a gimbal, and they deliver. Learn some new tips and tricks for not only gimbal movements, but also auto photography.

Gimbal Movements for Wedding Photographers 

Similarly to the last video, this gimbal movement tutorial is for the professionals. Gimbals are especially useful tools for wedding videographers, but it doesn’t matter how great the tools are unless you know how to use them. This video takes care of that. 

Gimbal Movements for Real Estate Video 

Capturing the insides of homes and buildings can be a real challenge, but having a gimbal certainly makes it easier. Pick up some new tricks to take things to the next level. 

Gimbals are the perfect tool for all different types of photography and videography. Even the most basic of gimbal movements add a fresh, professional quality to your work. And, if you’re comfortable and familiar with your gimbal, they’re great for experimenting. Gimbals make your cinematography more dynamic and exciting to experience.

If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to make the leap. These gimbal movement tutorials will take both beginners and experts to the next level. What is your favorite gimbal tutorial?

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