25 Brands That Work with Influencers

25 Brands that Work With Influencers - FilterGrade

Influencers are popping up all over advertising. These days brands are actively seeking out everyday individuals who can help reach audiences and convey their message in an authentic and purposeful way. Influencer marketing is taking the lead in big and small brand advertising because they see how much customers are able to relate and trust influence over their traditional marketing styles.

If you want to know how to keep brands to notice you so you can get paid for promoting products you probably already showcase on your social media and vlogs then you need to know which influencer platforms and agencies to turn to. Influencer platforms and agencies help connect brands that want to work with influencers and below you’ll find 25 brands that work with influencers. 

25 Brands that Work with Influencers 1 - FilterGrade

Influencer Marketing Agencies and Platforms

1. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a dual influencer platform. They focus on finding the right brand for influencers while as being an influencer themselves. Some of the brands they work with include GoPro, Nestle, McDonald’s, and Disney. They are always searching Instagram, Youtube and other platforms for talent. Learn more about what sets up as a top global marketing and talent agency here

2. Obviously

Obviously is another global influencer market firm. Their database of talent reaches well over 400,000. What makes this agency so unique is that they help influencer build relationship between influencers and brand while providing valuable service focus on all aspects of influencer marketing.

3. August United

August United has matched influencers with brands like Petsmart and Ralph’s grocery. This agency provides a platform for influencers in creating content, scheduling conferences, and campaigning.


Leaders is an influencer agency that has been around longer than Instagram. What makes them unique is the software they use perfectly matches brands with influencers. They utilize a variety of high tech systems to monitor influencer performance, content quality and more

5. Mediakix

This agency represents some of the top youtube, Instagram and social media influencers. They content influencers with brands like Nordstrom, Hallmark, Blue Apron, and Jarden. Learn more about them here.

6. The Amplify

Amplify has an impressive list of brands they work with such as NFL, Pepsi, and Infiniti. This is because they choose to only represent A-List brands. They offer influencers a platform to distribute content that amplifies their brands message. Learn more about them here.

7. Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA)

This company works closely with brands to find the ideal influencers that will help elevate their message. This is a European-based agency that has worked with brands like L’Oreal, Unilever, and Farfetch, but also has represented American brands like Calvin Klein and DKNY.

8. Go Fish Digital

This agency uses a four-step process to streamline influencer content by developing a strategy, collaborating, assisting in the creative process and gather feedback on campaigns launched. They work closely with a number of small and medium-sized businesses to connect them with an influencer that will help drive their digital market efforts.

9. Stargazer

This influencer agency uses specialized tools to help brands find their perfect social influencer. They don’t just focus on strengthening brand awareness they focus on all aspects of the social marketing campaign. The connect targeted influencer with e-commerce brands to promote and reach new demographics. To learn more about their process visits here.

10. 6 Degrees

This agency is all about authenticity. They have offices located in Denmark, London, and New York but approach marketing from a unique perspective. They utilize the power of storytelling through their campaigns and only want influencers that can authentically narrative this story. Think you’re a match? Check them out here.

11. Activate

This platform allows influencer marketers the opportunity to collaborate and work with leading brands such as Estee Lauder, Brooks Brothers, and Reebok among many. Learn more about the platform here.

12. Blogfoster

This platform works with Instagram, Youtube, and blogging influencers. They collaborate with over 400 brands, you can learn more here.

13. BrandBacker

This unique influencer platform allows influencers to apply for opportunities to work with a variety of brands. Some of these brands include New Balance and Loreal. To sign up and apply go here.

14. BuzZoole

BuzZoole is s a platform that helps brands find specific influencers to drive their marketing efforts. Some of the big brands they have to connect influencers with include: Tommy Hilger, Audi, and Ford. Learn more here.

15. Creator IQ

This influencer platform focuses on all aspects of influencer marketing. It assists in connecting the perfect fit influencer with brands, campaign management, and reporting. Some of the brands they have worked which include Dell, National Geographic, Ralph Lauren and Disney.

16. Crowdly

This platform doesn’t just specialize in influencer marketing. Their goals are to find brand advocates that will help engage audiences and boost brand awareness. Some of the brands they have helped find advocates for include: Swarovski, Sony Picture, Gillette, and PR agencies like Edelman.

17. Find Your Influencer (FYI)

This influencer platform offers brands and influencer three different ways to collaborate together, through FYI exchange, Self-service or Managed services. This allows influencers and brands to negotiate terms and create the most effective content together. Some brands they have worked with include; American Airlines, Zappos and Logitech.

18. Hollyfy

Hollyfly is a brand integration platform, meaning it focuses on connecting entertainment influencers with the right brands. To learn more go here.

19. Hypr

This platform has worked with brands like Pepsi, Microsoft and Time Inc. Their platform offers in-depth data research to help brands find the most influential markets in the world. Learn more here.

20. Hypetap

This platform handpicks influencer to work with brands like Nestle, Uber, Nespresso, and Disney. They focus on high-quality content and can ensure this quality since influencers can only obtain access to the platform by invitation only. To learn about how to be one of the influencers they choose, go here.

21. IndaHash

This platform utilizes a mobile app to help connect influencers with big brands like Orea, Saanone, and Electrolux across the world. Since they have a very low follower requirement this can be an ideal platform for new influencers to check out.

22. Insense

This platform focuses on Instagram influencers, specifically those who know how to effectively use Instagram stories. It helps brands find influencers that can create quality content specifically for Instagram stories. To learn more go here.

23. Lefty

This platform perfectly merges influencer marketing and creativity. They work both with brands and marketing agencies to match the right influencer to the right campaign strategy. Learn more here.

24. NeoReach

This is one of the few self-service platforms that has successfully established a platform that allows brands and agencies to run campaigns straight from the platform. They have worked with brands like Amazon, Fox, and the New York Times. To learn more visit them here.

25. Peg

This YouTube and Instagram influencer platform focuses on building brand awareness but more importantly focuses on campaign performance. Influencers are often chosen when they have already referenced the searching brand in their posts or stories before.

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