Fujifilm Fujicolor C200 Film Stock Review

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When it comes to daylight film, you can probably think of a ton of the top of your head, but what about a daylight film that is also cost-effective and extremely versatile? Fujicolor C200 should be one of the top film stocks that comes to mind. Designed as an easy-to-use film stock for all photographers shooting in daylight or indoors with flash, this film stock is the perfect way to break into film photography to learn more about daylight film while not breaking the bank! Today I’ll be going over some of the benefits and features of C200, so without any further ado, let’s get into the Fujifilm Fujicolor C200 film stock review.

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Fujifilm Fujicolor C200

Like I had mentioned in the introduction, Fujicolor C200 is a color negative 35mm film stock that is created for daylight use, but also works really well indoors with flash. This film stock includes the new Super Uniform Fine Grain Technology to achieve high image quality when printing on Fujicolor photo papers. Some photographers have said that, “There’s nothing special about C200…It’s an entirely nondescript, unglamorous film that simply does the job it’s required to do – render images on film.(CasualPhotophile)” However, I disagree –  I think this film is really well-made and captures daylight better than Kodak Gold 200 or Portra 160. Let’s go over some of the features and benefits and you’ll see why. (Source: Fujicolor C200)


Fujicolor C200 is one of the most advanced daylight film stocks and has many features that set it apart amongst other film stocks:


Excellent Grain Quality…………………………………………….. Fine grain film, providing no loss of image quality even in large prints.

Wide Exposure Latitude……………………………………………. Stable, clear results in a wide variety of settings.

Excellent Skin Color Reproduction…………………………….. Smooth, natural skin tones for portraits.

Professional Sharpness……………………………………………… Extremely sharp depiction of all aspects of the subject, from overall form to texture details.

(Source: Fujifilm C200)

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Because Fujicolor 200 is a daylight film stock with fine grain it’s a really versatile film stock that you can use in almost any situation. In addition to this, many users have even said that it’s capabilities go beyond being versatile at 200 ISO. Photographers that use C200 a lot have said that for their preference, shooting C200 at box speed seemed dull and lacked color, but pushing the film speed to 400 or 800 helped create more contrast and deeper, more vivid colors.

Now, I’ve heard of pushing/pulling film before, but often times I either forget to try it, or I just haven’t shot that certain film stock enough to know what it looks like at box speed just from looking at it. This is one of those cases where I have’t shot that many rolls of Fujicolor C200, maybe only 5-10, and I’d prefer to know what the film stock is intended to look like before I try out pushing/pulling (unless I’m in a setting that requires pushing/pulling). Regardless, having a film stock that not only performs at multiple speeds, but perform really well, or even better, is absolutely incredible!

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Another benefit of this film stock is that it can be processed with CN-16 of C-41 processing methods. This allows you ease-of-development as most film labs and stores still use these methods!

The last key benefit that we have for this film, and probably the most important to myself and many of you – the price. This film stock is one of the most affordable 35mm film stocks on the market, going for $3-$5 usually, which means it is a great film to start out with when you’re learning and also great for when you have a shoot where you’re going to need a lot of photos, but may not have a huge budget. Having a versatile film that’s also cheap is always fun because it helps you work around things like budget and # of photos.

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We hope you enjoyed this film stock review – if you have any questions or thoughts about Fujifilm Fujicolor C200, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram @matt_moloney.

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