Promoting Your Products With Online Marketing Templates

Digital marketing has taken the business world by storm. If you want to keep up with the competition, you’ll need to find better ways of promoting your products online in a sleek, attractive way to grab the attention of your customers. Did you know that in 2020, 92% of marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy? This is up from 2015 when 78% of marketers thought video was important.

Video is quickly becoming the most popular form of content on the web, which makes it one of the best ways to showcase everything that’s great about your products. Hosting videos on your website as well as sharing them on your social channels is key to reaching your audience and getting your products in front of the eyes of potential customers. 

But how do you put together a high quality video to highlight what you offer? Easy – with After Effects templates that are designed to do so.

6 After Effects Templates to Showcase Products

These six After Effects templates are great for a wide range of products and services lines, and focus on showcasing key features offered. Be sure to check out new After Effects Templates here.

1. Glitch Promo Template

This ultra modern template is hip and eye catching. Its glitchy, creative vibe appeals to a younger audience. Dark, semi-opaque overlays on the clips add a sense of intensity and allure. 

As you can see, it’s great for selling big products like cars, but it could also be used for a wide variety of sports and athletic products and services. 

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2. App Promotion Template

If you’re looking for a template to put together a killer promotion for your mobile app, look no further. This template features a dark, sleek design that is simple in nature and can highlight many different screens from your application and display them directly on a smartphone. 

While this template works particularly well for music based apps, it can be used to showcase virtually any app or mobile website. 

3. Website and Marketing Services Template

If you offer any kind of website design or marketing services, this is the template for you. It features a sleek dark background with pops of color to highlight your messaging and the key features of your products and services. 

Mobile, tablet, and computer elements are all included as video/image frames so you can include your own content to showcase what you offer to customers. 

4. Fashion and Beauty Products Template

This template is a great option if you’re looking to showcase footage of fashion items or beauty products such as perfume. Its transitions are simple but fluid and clean cut, and the overall aesthetic is artsy and surreal. 

If you’re looking for a template that is modern, fun, and sleek to showcase your products, you’ve found the right one. 

5. Freeze Frame Promotional Template

This template is truly one of a kind – it uses freeze frames with coordinating color animation to pause and focus on specific frames. It’s fun, colorful, and fast paced, which makes it a great option for any kind of athletic services or equipment. Nevertheless, it could definitely be used for many different kinds of products, not just athletics. 

Complemented by its vibrant aesthetic, the freeze frames really let you focus in on key features of products or services to highlight their importance and what you can offer to customers. 

6. General Promotional Template

This classic template features simple movements and line animation that makes it a great option to promote virtually any kind of product on the market. Bold headers allow you to point attention toward key features while contrast text let you shed a little more light on specific details. 

No matter what you’re trying to promote, this is a good overall template for showcasing your products to customers. 

Choose the Right Template For Your Products and Brand Style

When choosing a template to create a video for promoting your products, one of the most important things to keep in mind is staying in theme with your brand. 

If your brand is fast paced and features bold colors, you shouldn’t choose a template that is subtle and understated. Granted, you don’t want your products to be upstaged by the video itself. Nevertheless, your customers might get confused about the overall brand identity you’re trying to express if your promotional videos clash with other elements of your brand. 

No matter your brand style, this is incredibly important to be aware of when choosing the right template to showcase your products. It should always be consistent with the message you’re trying to send to your customers, both in aesthetic and messaging. 

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