Why Are Interactive Landing Pages Boosting CX?

Why Are Interactive Landing Pages Boosting CX?

Most businesses understand the need for a strong landing page. It shows visitors what action you’d like them to take and shares the most important information aimed at a specific audience’s needs. However, interactive landing pages are a little different in the way they engage users.

Passive content converts only 36 percent of the time, while interactive content converts 70 percent of the time. In an age where information is at people’s fingertips and they expect businesses to not only engage but entertain them, figuring out what makes a good customer experience (CX) on landing pages is a vital part of success.

If you want to boost CX on your website, you must make your landing pages more interactive. Here are some interesting ways businesses use interactivity to engage site visitors and turn them into loyal fans. Special thanks to Christina Morillo for the cover image from StockSnap.

1. Start With the UX

If you want to improve customer experience, you must start by bettering the user experience (UX). After all, people are users before they turn into customers. If the experience isn’t positive, you lose the chance to convert them into clients. There are several ways to improve UX, but a few things you can do include:

  • Speed up your site so users don’t grow frustrated and bounce away.
  • Ensure all forms work correctly. When people interact with a form, it should be intuitive and give them the results they expect.
  • Make buttons actionable. Users expect buttons to be clickable, so make sure they are or don’t use one.

UX and CX are intricately woven together. It’s hard for customers to have a good experience if the user experience is bad and vice versa.

2. Add Videos

Videos engage your site visitors and grab their attention. The human brain processes images much faster than text alone, so adding a video boosts retention and understanding of your product or service. Around 96 percent of people say they’ve watched videos to gather details about a product. They improve customer experience by making it easy for users to understand more about your brand.

Alaska Tours offers excursions in the wilds of Alaska. What better way to engage site visitors than with a hero image that is actually a video of bears in the wild, glaciers being carved or a beautiful northern lights image? The videos it uses captures the imagination of site visitors and shows what type of experience travelers have.

3. Offer a Poll or Quiz

Asking your customers questions gives you a couple of advantages. First, they engage with your website and have an interactive experience. Second, you gain valuable insights about what your customers prefer. Quizzes are also popular on Facebook, so you should post a landing page to your social media. The most shared quiz has over 5 million interactions.

4. Provide Instant Assessments

Customers won’t have to wait for a ballpark figure from your company if you provide a tool that gives them an instant assessment. Utilize quote-style tools by offering visual data rather than just numbers and letters. Make it clear that for a quote you need more details, but this can help potential clients gauge the cost of services.

Foster Fuels: Mission Critical offers an assessment tool that shows companies what a power outage costs per minute. A sliding scale lets you choose how many employees you have on your staff, and then the tool provides the number. You can also get a customized assessment if you’d like more detailed information.

5. Test Your CTA Buttons

Your call to action (CTA) buttons are naturally an interactive part of your landing page. If you’ve done your research, you already know your audience and the best wording. However, you should also make sure your buttons have a few other features that encourage visitors to engage.

  • Use a contrasting color that makes the CTA button stand out from the rest of the landing page.
  • Action verbs are best.
  • Leave plenty of white space around your CTAs.

Once you have the basics in place, spend time testing your CTA buttons and see which versions convert best for each landing page. You might find that a button in red converts better than a green button. There are many small tweaks to the wording you can change to improve the overall CX of your landing page and your CTAs.

6. Create an Interactive Map

Interactive maps improve customer experience because they provide a visual users can interact with. Difficult-to-understand information becomes simpler when presented as an animated graphic. If you don’t have time to create your own map, you can also create a description on another site and link to it. This can increase engagement, although you should use this technique in moderation, as you don’t want visitors bouncing away from your own site too often.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s California Fire Tracker is an interactive map that updates residents on current fires. You can double-click on any of the active fires to zoom in or out to look at outbreaks in outlying areas. If you get close enough, you can see specific places in a county and compare by crossroads to see how close one is to your location.

7. Use Animation

Animation is a fun way to grab user interest and make your landing page more fun. You can animate a portion of your page, draw arrows to the action you’d like users to take or create a cartoon to illustrate the use of your product. No matter what form the animation takes, it should be unique and unexpected so users sit up and take notice. Think about it from the viewpoint of customers. If your aim is to improve CX, then the animation must add value to what’s already on the landing page.

8. Sync up to Social Media

Around 79 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile. People spend hours each day engaged on social media, so adding the ability to share videos, posts and content from your site goes a long way toward creating a positive CX. You can also add a feed from your social media on your landing page to show visitors what people are talking about.

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Engaged Customers Are Happy Customers

Figuring out how to keep customers engaged when they are bombarded with messages every day isn’t an easy task. However, with a little attention to detail and some interactive elements on your landing pages, you’ll soon find your customers hang around longer and your conversion rates soar.

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