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In the year 2020, we will be witnessing a major rise in the number of start-ups enterprises. With this rise in start-ups all over the world and a continuous need for branding, why should we engage in old branding practices?

If you are a start-up enterprise or belong to one, and need to increase the level of brand awareness for your organization, we’re going to run through 12 trends to watch out for in 2020 to help you better understand how to create more brand awareness.

Start-Up Branding Trends to Watch for in 2020

1. Personalization of Brands

If you wish to sustain yourself in the current market scenario, add a personal touch to your advertisements. Market research revealed that 86% of customers believe that personalization in branding influences their buying decisions.

2. The Subscription Model of Branding

You will often see companies provide subscription benefits for making people as their premium users. How do you think start-ups like Birchbox, Bombfell, Ipsy, Barkbox and prevailing brands like Netflix and Amazon Prime and Daily Motion are surviving in the market? These brands are making an impact all due to the use of subscription models in marketing, letting them get as many new users and loyal customers to become a well-known brand.

3. Social Media Website for Branding

It’s time for start-ups to engage in strong visual branding with the help of social media websites. The use of social media websites and web pages like that on Facebook and Twitter enables them to post some of their products along with posters, letting people know about their offers. This visual perception in branding results in them to win new followers for the brand. So get a web designer to design your own social media webpage now.

4. Use of Engaging Videos for Branding

Branding is a significant issue for a start-up in this sea of competition. With the shift to 5G network connection and 67% of customers being online on smartphones, it would be best to engage these millennial consumers in short, engaging videos. The use of such videos would enable start-ups to engage in strong visual branding and would not take much time of customers, letting you penetrate the market for better brand status.

5. Improved Content Will Still Rule Market in Branding

High quality and engaging content will always rule the market and help to engage stakeholders when it comes to branding for companies. As a start-up, it would be advisable to participate in the use of authentic key content to help your start-up brand pop up in the SEO search results and engage your potential customers with enhanced content to know more about your brand.

6. Rise of WhatsApp Conversation in eWOM for Branding

The year of 2020 expects more private conversation over WhatsApp to be engaged in by companies. Messenger marketing has brought about a revolution when it comes to brand propagation in the market. Statistics reveal that the majority of the population are available online on WhatsApp. So, start-ups can use WhatsApp for the privatization of conversation to engage in the use of electronic Word-of-mouth for branding in business.

7. Expected Decrease of Like Trend in Instagram

Instagram likes option is likely to decrease in certain developed countries. According to news published in the BBC, trials are being carried out to hide the likes option of Instagram altogether in several countries, including the UK and Japan, along with Australia. This is noted to have a significant influence on all those start-ups planning to post their items on Instagram. So, you might as well choose another option than Instagram for branding in 2020.

8. Mobile Apps Development for Branding

We know that several brands are engaging in the use of a mobile app to know more about brands every day. So, as a start-up, search for the best services online to engage in mobile apps development, enabling you to take orders and increase your revenue along with brand awareness.

9. Voice-Powered Search Optimization for Brand Awareness

With the development of technology and SEO tools, apps like Google Assistant are coming up in helping people search for brands with only voice instructions. To engage in the use of voice-powered search instructions for your primary keywords in your content to come up in the top brands in the search engine results. This will lead your target audience to give directions, and you to come up as one of the brands for them to consider.

10. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Branding Prevails

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still expected to prevail in 2020. So do not even think about giving up the use of AI as your leverage in branding. Simply raise your brand awareness by producing products to highlight what sets you apart from the rest, all with the use of data derived from cloud technology and AI. What’s more, maintain your customer relations with the help of AI to get those five-star ratings on the Google Play store. So if you are branding for a start-up, use artificial intelligence.

11. Upcoming Trend of Lifecycle Marketing for Brand

Let me tell all those start-up enterprises wishing to engage in branding; the funnel is dead. It is time to use a lifecycle approach in marketing to spread brand awareness and to maintain brand status. So all those wishing to engage in branding for start-ups, get ready to engage in demand generation, post on social media, and take action to employ and re-engage those customers online.

12. Give Out Promotional Offers on Paid Media for Brand Awareness

Time to engage in branding for start-ups with the use of paid media! Engage more in the use of pay per click advertising to promote all those offers online. So next time you give a social media advert, opt for a paid advert, where each click on the advert link of an adjacent hyperlink lets you not only spread brand awareness but also helps you earn your brand revenue. Paid adverts like Twitter ads and Google Ads enable you to come up with a search engine, spreading brand awareness in the market. The use of paid media like Google Ads and YouTube Ads even lets you monitor your brand search traffic and gain new customers. So use more paid media for promoting those offers for your brand.

To sum it up, it’s time we forget about those old traditional methods. Start-ups often face difficulties in becoming a well-known brand in this competitive market. So use one or more of the above trends in your operations to increase brand awareness and brand revenue for your enterprise.

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